Bring Your Content to WpStream And Get a Six Months Sponsorship


Nowadays, live streaming is one of the easiest ways to reach your website’s audience. Luckily enough, setting up your own live stream is quick and easy – WpStream is the ultimate streaming theme for WordPress, allowing users to stream live events, pay-per-view videos and subscription based videos.

Using WpStream is easy as 1-2-3 and the possibilities are endless: streaming live concerts, yoga classes, seminars, weddings, sermons, gameplays and pet shows.

With the 1.1.1 release of WpStream we are offering original content providers the chance to move into the driver’s seat and use it for six months absolutely free – no strings attached.

Our Proposal:

We welcome webmasters to use our platform as a monetization channel for a limited time. Please contact us via the contact form or chat to apply for your sponsorship:

You can take advantage of the Friends Package currently priced at $149 per month for FREE.

The Friends Package includes:

  •         1TB streaming bandwidth – enough for 3000 HQ* or 1500 HD* viewer hours
  •         50GB storage space – enough for 150 hours HQ* or 75 hours HD* worth of recordings


On top of that, we are also offering FREE assistance with:

  •         Setting up the live streaming process
  •         Video publishing
  •         Homepage customization
  •         Installing popular payment gateways such as PayPal


Uses and Applications:

  •         Rent your Videos

You will be able to rent individual videos as pay-per-view. Different videos can have different prices and your users will have to pay a fee in order to rent it. Rented videos can be viewed indefinitely by your users.

  •         Create your own version of Netflix

The WpStream Theme, combined with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin allows users to create their own version of Netflix. You can upload videos to your website and charge a monthly subscription for access to all stored videos.

  •         Live Streaming AND Pay-per-View

Broadcast live events on your website and charge users in a pay-per-view system.

  •         Subscription Live Streaming

The WpStream Theme combined with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin allows users to set up repeating live event streaming and charge users a monthly fee.

Our Features:

  •         Publish Free Videos – publish free-for-all videos from YouTube, Vimeo, local server or 3rd party.
  •         Subscription Mode – charge users a monthly fee for access to your live events or videos by using the WooCommerce Subscription plugin.
  •         Pay-per-View Mode – publish paid videos and paid live streaming events and charge your users a one time fee for viewing your content.
  •         “Netflix Mode” – add videos to your website and charge users a monthly fee for access to all content, videos and live events.
  •         Custom Media Headers – add Revolution Sliders, videos, theme sliders or images to your header, either as a global option or for each page individually.
  •         10+ Custom Shortcodes – design enticing pages with the 10+ shortcodes from WpBakery
  •         Custom Theme Slider – add an unique theme slider with videos or events to your header area.


Our Expectations:

WpStream will showcase your website as part of our success stories – which in turn will bring us more customers.

We’re constantly improving our product so we encourage users to send us feedback – this helps us better adjust the product to your needs.


What happens after the free trial?

If you want to continue using our platform after the six months are over, we may choose to extend your sponsorship or you can simply extend the Friends Package on a monthly basis.

If you want to opt for another package, simply visit the Pricing Section of our website. Packages start at $19 per month for 100GB streaming bandwidth.

If WpStream is not the right solution for you, we part ways and move on; you don’t owe us anything.

Simply contact us via the contact page or chat to apply for your sponsorship![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Picture of Beatrice Tabultoc

Beatrice Tabultoc

Beatrice is the digital marketing go-to at WpStream. She manages all things social media, content creation, and copywriting.

Start your free trial with WpStream today and experience the ability to broadcast live events, set up Pay-Per-View videos, and diversify the way you do your business.