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Advanced/Technical Bitrate Codecs Resolution October 29, 2019 Video Compression Explained

Most internet users have, at one point, done a live stream on a free platform such as Facebook. But did you ever think how it’s possible to broadcast such high quality video over the internet? Let’s make some calculations – the average 1080p video has a resolution of 1920×1080, at 24 bits each and 30 …

Advanced/Technical Bitrate Codecs FPS Resolution September 16, 2019 Choosing The Best Settings For Your Broadcast (FPS, Bitrate, Resolution)

When live-streaming, if the overall quality of a video is not up to standards, viewer count will instantly begin to drop. Viewers generally prefer having a stable stream of high-quality video that looks crisp, does not stutter, and most importantly, does not pause. This article is a guide on how the bitrate, resolution, and FPS …

Advanced/Technical Bitrate Broadcasting Codecs Resolution August 14, 2019 Adaptive Bitrate Streaming – Why Is It Important?

With video making up around 80% of all IP traffic, most streamers will stumble upon the question “What is adaptive streaming?” at some point or another. While most answers are filled with technical terms and details, we will try a different approach and explain the concept of ABR or Adaptive Bitrate Streaming in simple terms, …

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