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    Hey Rob,

    The browser broadcaster is not part of the plugin. To white label it you’ll need to do the following:

    1. Make a copy of the following (static) page and host it on your website

    2. Alter it visually in any way you like: logo, titles, labels, colors buttons etc; be careful not to alter the scripted functionality

    3. Let us know the address you’re hosting the page at; we’ll have WpStream open it instead of the default (that carries our logo)

    Note that you must run the browser broadcaster page on a HTTPS address (not HTTP), this is required for camera functionality.

    You can find the original page code here


    Hi there,

    This may be caused by a plugin/theme conflict. Please carry out a conflict assessment by following the instructions in this thread
    If you still encounter the same issue after attempting the assessment, let us know what the outcomes of the test were and we will attempt to troubleshoot from there. Looking forward to your response.


    I am using PHP 7.4 as well but still encountering same issue. It appears that the theme needs to be updated. Any suggestions?


    here are front end errors

    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/customer/www/ on line 29

    Warning: session_start(): Cannot start session when headers already sent in /home/customer/www/ on line 32


    Hello, I had the same issue as OP, I suppose 360 was never implemented? Sorry but I’m new to this all and I just would like to double check I didn’t miss something obvious on my own setup.
    Thank you, I wish you all a very good day.


    Failure has affected WpStream on multiple accounts

    -(moderate, intermittent) inability to sign in via the wordpress plugin
    -(moderate, intermittent) inability to start live events
    -(moderate, intermittent) inability to broadcast
    -(moderate, intermittent) inability to watch live events
    -(moderate, intermittent) support ticket disfunctionalities
    -(reduced) payment failures and failure to properly allocate resources after payment
    -(reduced) failure to dispatch transactional emails
    -(reduced) other malfunctions

    These were all outcomes of an AWS disfunctionality detailed here
    We’re concluding that, given the fact that multiple services (database, computing, networking) have been malfunctioning, there is no feasible approach of having prepared for the event in a way that would fully keep the platform continuing to operate unaffected. Redundancy and failover are built into WpStream at multiple levels, however these are meant to address common issues, not (rare) catastrophic failures.

    Future plans and betterment opportunities on our end
    -continue to rely on AWS (along other cloud providers) for various operations
    -work on improved failover in regard to payment processes and streaming resource allocation
    -improve emergency response procedures and support availability


    Thanks you, I will definitely try this out


    Dear Keith,

    So sorry to hear that. Have you attempted checking for any conflicts by following the instructions in this thread? Looking forward to helping you solve this.


    I am new here but I find your service very interesting. I am creating a video site (with an interface like Youtube). My users will upload videos for dedicated christians. I also want my users/subscribers to use WP Stream with to livestream on different platforms. My first question is: Can my users livestream with WP stream and on my video website Front End?. My second question is : Can my users livestream after logging into their accounts and share livestream link from inside their accounts with their followers? Thank you.


    Hello Tomi, thanks for reaching out

    1. That is possible, see the article for details

    2. Each channel has share links in the backend however not sure at this time how it can be presented to users so they can make use of them, I’ll have to get back to you on this.

    Hope this is still useful

    cretu remus


    On no 2

    The answer is yes but you will need to create some kind of membership system. Basically you need a page accesible only for logged in users. On this page you could use our
    widget for Elementor called “WpStream – Start Streaming” . That will five the option to logged in users to start a free event and they will be able to share the channel page . The “streaming tools” for users will look like this

    To enable this behavior you need to go into WpStream Settings page and for the option “Non-Admin User Roles Allowed to Broadcast” select the kind of wordpress users you want to allow. Id you don’t know the difference between users select only “subscribes”
    Thank you

    Tom rajabzadeh

    Hello I was wondering if possible to have SRT feed Transfer protocol?

    Any disadvantages? why not?

    Many Thanks


    My 5min test stream worked ok
    But a few days later, my actual live event failed. Does anyone know what I did wrong?
    I set up the event in wpstream just like before, and hit “Start Live Event.” And copied the RTMP address and stream key into

    A Few days later the event started and successfully passed my stream from my Blackmagic ATEM on to youtube and facebook, only the wpstream failed (Restream reported ‘offline.’)
    I went into wpstream settings and the event had come out of live, and ‘start live event’ was showing again. Which was strange… I don’t know why it switched itself off in those days between when I set it up and when I went live.
    Anyway… even though I clicked ‘start live event,’ it still didn’t work.

    What am I doing wrong? I did exactly what was in the video and there’s no info anywhere about how long to leave the event started.




    …just to say, I have signed up for a trial account with wpstream… but I’m not likely to upgrade to a plan if it doesn’t work!!




    Ooh one thing… I was sending 8Mb/s… is that too high for wpstream?

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