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    your account is actually out of streaming bandwidth, the message is accurate

    you may buy more here

    Inger Möller-Timm


    we successfully streamed two events each arround 1 Hour. Our avaliable bandwith is now at 44,92 GB wich seems to be a bit of a steep usage in bandwith. Could yo please expain what is going wrong here. Also I am under the impression that bandwith is beeing “used” even after the stream ended.



    Hi Philipp,

    Your bandwidth consumption will be proportional to the (audio+video) bitrate and number of people watching.
    You may want to reduce bitrate to save (at the expense of quality) or restrict your audience via registration or PPV.
    See this about bandwidth consumed while not streaming

    You can contact us privately for a breakdown of your usage.



    I’m interested in the same feature!


    1. How many people can watch my broadcast at the same time?
    A: Virtually no limits, you can stream to hundreds of thousands or more.

    2. How many channels can I run simultaneously?
    A: As many as you want.

    3. What are the limitations of the free trial?
    A: Only your streaming bandwidth and storage quota are different. You can test all WpStream features during your free trial including LIVE, VOD and PPV.

    4. Can I use the plugin with my own theme?
    A: Our plugin works well with any theme 

    5. Can I stream on multiple sites?
    A: Yes. You can use the same WpStream account for multiple WordPress websites.

    6. Is my content secure?
    A: Yes. The explanation is in this article

    7. Is it possible to embed the live video into a page or an article?
    A: Yes, via shortcodes. See the tutorial here.

    8. Can my website users broadcast on their own?
    A: It is possible under certain circumstances to enable broadcasting for regular users, see this, this, and this.

    9. Is it possible to let other viewers come live in the stream?
    A: Yes, it is possible now using Skype and OBS, see more details here in this thread.

    10. I am broadcasting but there is no video in the player.
    A: Various misconfigurations or issues can lead to this. Please see here, here or contact us to try debugging the problem.

    11. I am not streaming but my bandwidth slightly goes down. Why?
    A: Your viewers might be watching VODs or your channel may still be active, read here for more details.

    12. Why can’t I connect the plugin with the correct username and password?
    A: Some special characters in your password might be problematic. See the explanation here.

    13. How can I reduce the live delay time in the player?
    A: Check our low-latency solution here.

    14. How do I cancel my subscription?
    A: Follow the simple steps here.

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    I mean can we create a child theme to change design elements?

    I just need to know how limited we might be for design requests from the client.

    If we make a change to the header.php file, for instance, and then a new update comes out…version 1.2 for instance…and the update is applied, then the theme will over-write any changes we made to the header.php file. That’s what we need to avoid.


    forgot to mention, this made it into the plugin time ago, i think Monday of last week


    Yes you can create a child theme but from your question i’m not sure you understand how a child theme should work.

    Once a child theme is created it cannot be over-write by a main theme update. What is in the child theme it can only be over -write by it’s creators (you).

    Look over this documentation:

    Thank you


    Hi, we are currently testing the solution, and the streaming is working just fine. we want to run a pay-per-view concert service. I tried to log on to the same user on various devices, and all of them could see the stream. Is it not possible to restrict this somehow? not so good if everybody can share one login.



    The WPSTREAM LOGO is not being replaced by our logo on the mobile devices. We are unable to proceed with testing of the theme.


    We do not provide a solution for this, you may however use a plugin that limits active logins.

    Building something similar into the product has been considered but we decided not to waste time reinventing the wheel.

    Cannot recommend a specific plugin as thre’s a few and each may fit a particular context best. Please feel free to comment on what has worked for you though.


    To re-subscribe:

    Navigate to My Account -> Orders
    Click “View” on the item that shows as “Completed”
    Then under “Related Subscriptions” click the “View” of the item that shows “Pending Cancellation”
    Next, click the “Resubscribe” under “Actions”

    Fill in your billing details on the next page and click “Place Order”
    Choose your payment method on the next page.
    Follow the steps to re-subscribe via PayPal

    Note that you will NOT be billed right away, but instead on the day of your next payment, as per the original subscription.


    When reporting a possible issue is always helpful if you could post an url so we can check up the problem. So please post here the url of your website so we can check up the situation.

    Did you added the _2x version of your logo ?

    Thank you


    I have done, thank you but my Available Bandwidth: 0.00 GB is the same as before.


    Thank you. What I meant is that without a child theme, that is exactly what would happen.

    Very good to know.

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