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    To let you know, the latest version of the theme has “Twitch” capability, which is broadcasting by regular users. Chat too!


    Chat is now available in the theme


    This is now implemented in the theme, we are also considering putting it in the plugin.


    wanted to stream to my page but I’m writing Getting ready to stream. Please wait … I am already waiting for 6 pm


    That will very rarely happen (apparently) if your WordPress abruptly disconnects from the WpStream API. If upon refresh you find the channel running then continue as usual, otherwise just attempt to start your channel again.
    We are making efforts to address this but it’s so rare we weren’t able to properly reproduce it yet.


    During the course of the day a wordpress update combined with an issue on one of our providers contributed to severe failures in VOD playback and management. This impacted all wpstream accounts for up to 8 hours.
    All known issues are currently addressed and we are not aware of any data having been lost. We regret the inconveniences this may have caused and taking active measures for this topic not to reoccur.


    I installed plugin and configure all setting with OBS. But not able to see streaming on my localhost WP site


    Depending on your setup, streaming may not always work on localhost. We recommend testing on an actual domain or subdomain.


    This has been addressed and meaningful error messages are now displayed when attempting to start a broadcast.


    I am trying to start a live broadcast from Chrome Browser App on iOS 13. After clicking “Start Browser Broadcast” a new browser tab opens and says “Your browser is currently not supported. Please try using Chrome.”

    However, as I stated earlier I am already in Chrome.

    Should I be able to live stream from Chrome on iOS?


    Indeed, just Chrome for Android, Mac, and Windows are supported for now.
    Please check out the following to broadcast from an iPhone


    I am testing your product via wordpress plugin. When I click Start browser broadcast, the popup window appears saying starting broadcast then nothing happens.

    Have tried both Chrome Version 80.0.3987.132 and Edge 44.18362.449.0 on windows 10

    Please advise next steps


    In its current state, the web broadcasting does not work for every host/browser configuration out there. We are working to improve it and hoping to have an enhanced version of it some time during the summer. It will also work in Firefox and Safari.
    Meanwhile, if not able to successfully stream from your browser please consider desktop alternatives like VMix, OBS, and mobile apps like BroadcastiX


    Around 2pm GMT today, a plugin update (Oauth) triggered a site wide failure of all API-dependent services, including plugin registry and capability to start new live events. Ongoing live streams have not been affected.
    Efforts to troubleshoot and restore the service took almost 2 hours, during which other services have been temporarily unavailable, including the main WpStream website.
    Currently all functionality is restored.
    We regret the incident and are actively taking measures to avoid this in the future.

    Kind regards,
    The WpStream Team


    -The feature will provide broadcasters with the ability to have an immutable ‘RTMP broadcast url’ and “Stream key” pair for specific channels
    -Broadcasting to the respective URL will automatically ‘start’ a channel if it is in an idle state (i.e. ‘inactive’)
    Restrictions & shortcomings
    -The feature requires individual whitelisting
    -The feature can be set up for a single website from within a specific WpStream account
    -The feature is still experimental and may not work under unexpected circumstances
    -We can only offer limited support related to the feature at this time
    -Setup requires basic understanding of API calls and and the JSON format
    To apply for the feature, please provide the following information in an email to prerelease at
    -Your WpStream account username and password
    -The website you would like this enabled for (i.e; please note that http vs https is important and only the specified will work, not both
    -(yes or no) If you wish to record your “Static RTMP” incoming broadcasts; setting will apply to all channels

    Update: starting version 4.3 the beta ‘static RTMP’ is effectively replaced by the Auto TURN ON functionality. Simply set your channel to ‘Auto TURN ON’ (in the channel settings) to attain the functionality.
    The ‘beta static RTMP’ will still be available to existing users until the end of April 2022; they are encouraged to migrate to ‘Auto TURN ON’ ahead of time to avoid any dysfunctionality.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 2,026 total)
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