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    Hi Brian,

    Yes, it is totally possible!

    Happy streaming!



    tell me how to cancel my subscription… there is no obvious option to due this even though there are instructions that I can do this in my “management section”


    Hi Yassir,

    To cancel your subscription, follow these steps:

    Navigate to My Account -> Orders
    Click “View” on the item that shows as “Completed”
    Then under “Related Subscriptions” click the “View” of the item that shows “Active”
    Finally, click the “Cancel” under “Actions”

    Alternatively, you can contact us to have your subscription canceled.

    Thank you!



    Is there a way to download all the videos or multiple videos at one time?


    is it also possible to let them come live on my website from their home or on location outside etcetc


    Adaptive bitrate works by adjusting to each viewer’s network and serving adequately lower quality content to minimize loading and reloading times; read about it here

    Opportunity for WpStream clients
    – Use up less overall streaming bandwidth as some of your viewers will stream at a lower quality than the original
    – Better percieved quality of service for some of your viewers; faster start time and fewer interruptions
    – Feature has been used in production by multiple customers during closed beta, since May 2019, with consistently good results

    Restrictions, shortcomings, notes
    – Feature requires individual whitelisting
    – Feature can be enabled for particular channels (i.e. for initial testing) or for all of them
    – Only functions with RTMP broadcasting (i.e. OBS, Wirecast, vMix, iOS and Android apps); browser broadcast will no longer be available once feature is enabled for a specific channel
    – Only available for horizontal, 16:9 video
    – Fast, high and stable upload capabilities to anywhere in the world (i.e. not just your city, country, or ISP) is required to broadcast; if your streams are interrupting right now, ABR will only make them worse
    – A recommended encoding profile (i.e. for OBS etc) is to be used; during beta we will not be able to offer support outside the margins of this profile
    – The feature is still experimental and may not work under various unexpected circumstances
    – We can only offer limited support related to the feature at this time

    To apply for the feature
    , please provide the following information in an email to prerelease at
    – Your WpStream account username
    – Your website
    – IDs of channels for which you would like the feature enabled (i.e list of chnanel IDs, or “ALL”)
    – Please confirm you understand Web Broadcasting (i.e. broadcast from browser) will no longer function after feature is enabled for specific channels
    – Please confirm you understand this only works well within specified technical parameters
    – Please confirm you understand that superior network capabilities are required on the broadcaster end for this to work well

    (please disregard the vertical format)
    When the customer is watching from our website, our live stream window only occupies the top half of the page. How can I allow for fullscreen viewing?


    I’m looking for a resolution for this also. The reason we need to enable inventory for a Live Channel product is to limit the purchase to one per user. We’d want to prevent anyone from purchasing the live stream 2x.


    Update: I was able to accomplish this using LiveApp: Solo. This was not an option using BroadcastMe.


    I’ve re-sparked debate into this, expect some feedback in a few


    i don’t think i understand this, can you share a screenshot of what it looks like after it’s “fixed”?


    I am building our a site using the theme and for some reason on the safari browser there is a mobile like menu that appears that I can’t seem to remove in the custom settings.

    Also, there is a wp stream retina image in the header space that there is NO way of removing, in addition, the logo when entered, disappears as soon as the page is loaded.

    Can you please help me solve these issues. I love the functionality, and abilities otherwise. Thanks!!


    see this about the dissapearing logo

    stay tuned on the others


    Posting to make it clearer on what’s possible and what’s not, at this time

    1. Using the plugin alone, only admin can broadcast; you may use the static rtmp feature and distribute RTMP URLs to broadcasters, this way they can broadcast without actually interacting with the backend
    2. If using the theme, it is possible to enable broadcasting for regular users, see this and this
    3. Broadcasting in PPV as a regular user is not yet supported; it has been requested repeatedly and we are considering it for the next release; you can upvote it right here
    4. Setting up multi-vendor (#3 assumes all funds go to admin) is a more complex undertaking and honestly not a very popular one; we will still consider it if asked for repeatedly

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    Your website gives a shortcode to display WpStream products list and I inserted it on my page. The website says it will limit the display to 4 columns. However it does not. How do I correct this? I want to create 3 rows of 4 items.

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