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    We have had a few instances where users have complained that the play button does not disappear and will remain in the middle of the player even after a live stream has started. After examining each situation, we have found one common cause and that is a conflict between the PeepSo Plugin and WpStream. Please note that this not a WpStream issue, the problem is introduced by the peeps-theme via the gecko.css file. Any attempt to use Video.js (a video player) or products that make use of it will lead to the same issue.

    The good news is that you we have found a hotfix and you can add the piece of CSS yourself easily:
    – Go to the affected page on your website
    – Click on ‘Customize’ on the top left corner
    – Scroll down until you find ‘Additional CSS’
    – Paste the following – .vjs-has-started .vjs-big-play-button{display:none!important;}
    – Publish the page

    See image of how it should look like here:

    Please let us know if the above steps still don’t help by responding to this thread.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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