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    I posted on wordpress repo, but i figured it might be better to post here:

    I installed the plugin and created a free trial account at wpstream.

    i created a channel to test streaming via obs. It works like a charm.

    Then i created another channel to test browser streaming, to no avail.

    The popup opens, it asks permission to see cam and mic. I grant them and i correctly see my webcam in the browser popup.

    I get “Starting broadcast…” and it stays there forever.

    Might this be because of the free tier account?

    I also tried browser bradcast from another computer. It works. So, I would need to understand what is preventing my specific computer from working. I need to use this with customers. Before I subscribe I need to be sure I can get this browser streaming to work on every customer’s computer (using chrome of course)



    Broadcasting from the browser may not work for every setup. See this thread for details.

    A new version of the browser broadcast is in the works and should be available in January. It will cover more use cases (browsers, connection configuration) but may still not be universally available.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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