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    Starting a couple hours ago, we are receiving reports of inability to start live channels from older versions of the plugin. Updating to latest fixes the issue.

    We determined that plugins older than 3.2.1 (released in April) are indeed malfunctioning in today’s context.

    Unless otherwise noted later, we will not be investigating this and in turn advise everyone to update their plugin.

    As a general rule, we strive to maintain backwards compatibility for at least 30 days. Please try update as often as possible, no less than monthly, and look for possible breaking changes in the release notes.


    I am running on 3.3.1 and my stream will not load. I’m attempting a connection from Larix and I keep getting connection error although I have the correct Rtmp entered. On the site the video just spins.


    Kristen please let us know your channel ID and we will look it up, this is highly unexpected and unheard of from others


    We tested the new plugin and it working great. We just started testing WP plugin and finding it to be the right service for our needs.

    We do custom WordPress sites, but we are also providing support for OBS and setup for Live Streaming.

    Thanks for the quick support on the updated plugin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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