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    We are developing a new site in WordPress and using the WPStream plug-in broadcast live stream content. I have configured our Livestream platform simucast option with with the WPstream plug-in api credentials.

    When we broadcast, we are not seeing anything come up on the new site webcast page.

    Does WPStream work with Livestream or do you have to use OBS Studio?


    Sorry, not understanding what you mean, particularly by ‘livestream platform’

    Wpstream is itself a livestream platform, it may interact with other platforms but it’s mainly meant to work on its own. It can be broadcast to with OBS and other software.

    In terms of simulcast we only support Facebook at this time.


    Hi Gabriel,
    Yes, we are using the Vimeo Livestream platform.

    We want to continue using the Vimeo Livestram platform if possible but I’m hearing that might not work as a 3rd party platform integrating with WPstream. Am I correct?

    If it is true the WPstream doesn’t integrate with Vimeo Livestream, do we need to use OBS Studio?

    All we are trying to do is Broadcast using Vimeo and pipe the broadcast over to our WP website.



    WpStream is more of an alternative to Vimeo and ways they could pipe one another have not been investigated thoroughly. You can try either

    A. Broadcast to both from the source; that may require encoders (OBS) however some (vMix) support multiple destinations
    B. Use a ‘split’ service like to broadcast to both
    C. If Vimeo supports ‘rebroadcasting’ their feed you can pipe it to WpStream as rtmp
    D. Currently WpStream supports ‘rebroadcasting’ to FB and we have YT and Twitch in the works; Vimeo is also considered for a future release

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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