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    It has been reported and we have confirmed that plugin version 3.2.4 (released hours ago) triggers unexpected playback behavior on some clients

    -video playback stops and starts in rapid succession
    -message “We are not live at this moment. Please check back later” gets displayed inadvertently

    -install and use plugin version 3.2.3 from here; refrain from updating until further notice


    We are working around the clock to pinpoint and properly address the issue. However we have yet to replicate it in any of our test environments. We are also considering a rollback.

    Issue is consistent across various browsers, however only affects specific WP environments.
    Assuming it is the side effect of a combination of plugins or settings.
    If you have a test site that elicits the problem and don’t mind sharing access to it (admin and FTP) it might greatly speed us up. Please reach out through the chat and mention ‘dysfunctional playback’

    Will keep the thread updated; sorry for the trouble; thank you for reporting and understanding


    Decided to roll back and take the time to investigate the issue in a separate branch. We are still unable to replicate in our test setup.

    Please upgrade to latest (3.2.5 as of minutes ago) if encountering similar issues.
    Will update the thread if problem is identified or resurfaces.


    The downgrade has had an unwanted side effect

    – the “Broadcast w/ 3rd party” button is not visible in the channel page; only the “start browser broadcast”


    A. get the 3rd party credentials from the channel list under “WpStream -> Channels”
    B. use plugin version 3.2.3 from here

    We are addressing this asap, probably ready tomorrow


    Issue above has been addressed hours later via v3.2.5.1

    Meanwhile we identified the larger issue and proper player/event synchronization will be part of the next release, expected next week.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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