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    Hey there!
    Many thanks to wpstream team for the great plugin you have made for non-tech guys.

    Suppose I have created a form and I want the given user this shortcode->[wpstream_go_live user_id=”8970”] to fell it in an input text field that was made by ACF | Advanced Custom Fields.

    After he/she submits the form, I retrieve that via elementor shortcode but using dynamic feature->ACF Field->chanelid, after all the output I got was from the first channel i.e it takes the Id of the first channel instead of the one user-entered using the front form. I got this [wpstream_go_live user_id=”8969”] instead of this [wpstream_go_live user_id=”8970”]

    FYI: I have tried to add this function echo do_shortcode( ‘[wpstream_go_live user_id=””]’ ); in my function.php file but it can’t… it keeps bring the first channel. However, by using Elementor – widget called “WpStream Start Streaming” it works but not in a dynamic way!

    How are going to use it to achieve that scenario of mine?


    Hi Joseph, thanks for bringing this up

    We are at this time unaware as of why this would happen, and interaction with ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ has never been considered.
    I hope to be able to bring it up along with testing for the next plugin release (scheduled for mid August), if it’s a trivial fix/workaround we will take care of it, otherwise I will at least try to advise on alternatives.
    Please expect an update


    Dear Joseph,

    Apologies for the delay however we have been trying to understand the context of your request and how you would like it to perform. Can you please provide an example of a page or website where this is used or any screenshots? Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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