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    I am testing WPStream for our church web-site. I created the channel, embedded the short-code in the site, and tested going live successfully from an RTMP broadcasting platform (Restream, to be exact). I started and stopped the streaming multiple times over the course of 30 to 40 minutes of testing, all successfully. I thought all was well and I could set things up for the audio/video guys at church.

    However, when they started trying to stream on Sunday morning, Restream could not connect to the RTMP session. I poked around on the WPStream channel and found that the live event turns off after an hour of inactivity. In order to work the way it is setup now, they would have to log in to the WordPress site before every service (four services a week) and start a new live event. This is NOT an option. We are NOT letting the audio/video guys login to the WP site four times a week – there is just too much they could accidentally click, as well as it being one more complicated thing they have to remember to do. We have amateur volunteers and have made things as simple as clicking a few buttons.

    What are my options? Facebook, Youtube and other streaming platforms simply provide an RTMP key and the session goes live as soon as you start broadcasting. I don’t have to start an event through the platform each time. Is this not an option with WPStream? Did I miss something?

    Thank you.


    This feature called static RTMP. You can apply for this beta feature, please see details at this topic https://wpstream.net/forums/topic/static-rtmp-feature-beta-available-upon-request/
    We use this feature and we are very happy.

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