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    I have a website that I am trying to hide a URL for a video (video-on-demand). After adding the video using WPStream Plugin and setting it up (payment etc). I realized a few things wrong they are as follow:

    1. Copy and Paste the URL to share with others, without having the pay for it.
    2. Video is unwatchable from the same screen (purchased from).
    3. Link in the receipt doesn’t bring them to the page to watch the video.

    I am also using the WP Stream Plugin + Paywall Plugin.
    A clever user who has purchased the video could share the URL with other people. Which would mean others could watch the video for FREE without paying, which is something I am trying to prevent.


    Hello CGrant,

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues. I will try and address the above as best as I can.

    1) The link to a PPV product can be shared but cannot be viewed unless they are signed into an account that has made the purchase. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to prevent password sharing. You may, however, use a plugin that limits active logins. I cannot recommend a specific plugin as there’s a few and each may fit a particular context best. Please feel free to comment on what has worked for you though.

    2) Can you please explain in more details what you mean by the “video is unwatchable from the same screen”?

    3) Where does the link from the receipt lead them to? Do you have a link that you can share that can demonstrate this?

    Looking forward to your response and resolving this as soon as possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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