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    Good evening,

    I just finished my first broadcast from my WP page using WPstream and OBS, streaming was not good at all. Please can you help me if I’m doing something wrong? Because all your reviews and comments are very good.

    I’m assuming something is not set up properly by my side. Broadcast was interrupted, sound and video was breaking as a buffering but didn’t give notice for buffering. With my internet connection, I was doing streaming directly to FB page and never had a problem with the internet. Now want to go step further and to bring my listeners to my web page but with this streaming quality it is not possible.
    Thank you.

    For starters, reduce bitrate to 500kpbs and see if it helps (it does most people). Then work your way up again until you are happy with the quality.
    If using OBS, it gives you clues as to the quality of your broadcast, see the final part of this article

    Choosing The Best Settings For Your Broadcast (FPS, Bitrate, Resolution)

    If you are confident your connection and broadcast are in good standing, and you want to broadcast in full HD and/or high bitrates you may want to set up adaptive bitrate, see this

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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