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    Doug Kaufmann


    The WordPress Plugin under WPStream -> Recordings is not currently showing the most recent live events. This feature was working before the latest update of the plugin. I am running WordPress 6.0 with all plugins updated. I also setup a fresh install of WordPress and installed your plugin. Entered the credentials, made sure it said I was connected, and still only shows videos before May 31 2022. I have two videos (June 1st 2022 and June 2nd) that are not showing. Both videos say they have been stopped in the backend of the WPStream website. The first video has a consumed bandwidth the second was a quick test so no bandwidth was consumed.

    I peaked at your plugin and it looks like you guys are calling your API to retrieve the list. Before I go dumping curl logs to see the response I want to see if this is a current issue that you are aware of. If you need the response from the curl event I can dump it and possible post it.

    Let me know what steps you would like to take from here.

    Thank you


    Hello Doug, thank you for reaching out,

    As I see it, your event on Jun 1st was not recorded due to insufficient storage left for your account. An email was sent informing you about that at the time.

    Noticing that you’ve meanwhile deleted some of the older recordings and we were able to recover the ‘unsaved’ recording from June 1st. It is now be available under your account, hope this helps.

    Best wishes, C

    Doug Kaufmann

    Hello Christina,

    Thank you for the response. I appreciate you helping me on this issue. Glad it was a simple space issue and not something else. I see the video now. I will review the email regarding space and handle it from there.

    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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