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    We’re having tons of issues and inconsistencies streaming with WP stream on our wordpress site. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, a few times it has worked, I can’t play the stream in Safari or Internet Explorer Edge.

    Also, my account is under and we bought the 100BG bandwidth the other day, but now it says we’re on a trial account. What happened here? Can you help us?




    I checked your account and indeed your are under having the Family package- and i see that the you have in your account the package bandwidth and storage.

    Regarding the ” I can’t play the stream in Safari or Internet Explorer Edge.” – we need to check this . Can you give us the link on your website.Also we may need an admin account so please send on via email or the chat.

    Thank you



    To confirm, playback for Safari and Edge works well in all our test scenarios.
    Perhaps you can detail your configuration, or attempt more varied means to broadcast or a different connection.
    Also we can try send out a test broadcast on one of your channels and see how it looks for you.



    At this point we can only see it on Safari and Edge….not on Chrome or FireFox. What is causing this inconsistency and how do we fix it? We have tried form various computers, phones, and recording devices and it is just NOT WORKING.



    Still having tons of issues trying to get your plugin to work. Can you help us?



    Hi Charles, sorry to hear you’re still having issues

    Playback works consistently across all modern browsers for us, and we’ve had no similar complaints. We use Video.js as the player, if you think you would do better with another we have a feature (undocumented) that will let you grab the video url (.m3u8) via API and play it back with a player of your choice.

    Regarding your other issues, you’ll have to describe them individually.
    As the streaming system is very stable and feedback is really good, I’m speculating you may be running your tests against an unstable connection or a particularity of your hosting or wordpress setup is badly interfering with ours.

    Let me know a good time we can send out a test broadcast (from us) against one of your channels (and which), this way we’d know if you’re experiencing broadcast issues or playback issues, or both, or else.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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