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    So I installed the WpStream Theme and activated the required plugins and tested out the functionality. I also then used your “Create a Live Streaming Website like Twitch” Youtube tutorial to test the functionality. I also went through your “Subscription based Live Streaming” YouTube tutorial as well. I don’t want to buy the Woo Subscriptions Extension just yet as I want to find out some info from you first:
    1. Does creating a subscription product allow any user to create a live stream like the one in the tutorial that is created in their Account Page? (which is the way your tutorial indicated in the  “Create a Live Streaming Website like Twitch” Youtube tutorial.) If so, and the user wants to stream more than once to that specific channel, is that possible? (ie weekly on a friday but the subscription is only paid on a monthly basis)
    2. If they don’t purchase a subscription product, are they then restricted from having the ability to create a channel?
    3. When I was testing the functionality with a test User, I did not see an option to record the LIVE stream, so how does the user select that? Is it different when they are on a subscription product?
    4. If the above was available, and the user could record their LIVE stream, would the recorded video then end up in their profile? And can that video be viewed by other users?
    5. Can a subscribed user delete any of their previous videos?
    These are all I have for now.
    Kind Regards,

    1. creating a live stream product does not necessarily allow users to create a live stream; in the ‘twitch’ setup any user has their own pre-created channel and the features do not complement each other in that way afaik
    2. no; i believe it can be set so only users of a certain rank (i.e. editors) can broadcast
    3. there is no option to record, that may change in teh future; not different if on a subscription product
    4. n/a
    5. n/a


    Is there no way currently to allow certain roles of the new users to have certain access capabilities on WPStream through Buddypress? For instance to have “subscribers” the capability to watch a LIVE stream but not take one and for “contributors” to have access to watch and to do a LIVE stream to their channel?

    If not, can we please make that possible in the next update? I really need it for my new business idea that I want to create and your plugin is the closest so far that I can get.


    Sorry but that is not an option at this point. I also added your request to the wish list but i don’t know if and when will be available.
    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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