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    I’ve been trying various different streaming providers – Dacast, streamingvideoonline, etc
    I came across your product and really like it, as our website is built on WordPress and it worked really well.
    However, I was testing it last night and it worked well but the demo allowance seemed to be used up very quickly!
    Our potential use is from small weddings that require streaming to a handful of viewers with no paywall right up to potentially live concerts streamed to a thousand or so with a paywall.
    Will this service scale like this? There is the potential to be nothing for a month or two however between events – are you the provider for us? I’m just a little concerned that the speed that which I used up the demo allowance might mean that costs might end up sky rocketing.
    Do you behave suggested settings for streaming from a Blackmagic ATEM mini pro? I’d like all streams to be HD 1080p.
    Thanks in advance for your time,

    Hello Simon,

    Thank you for trying our product.

    It sure scales and can power streaming to millions if needed.

    You can the subscription intermittently, i.e. pause it over certain periods of time.

    Not familiar with the Atem but i’m sure you will find a correspondence by following this article.

    Best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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