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    -Feature allows broadcasters to stream live with an average end-to-end latency of 2.5 seconds

    Shortcomings & restrictions
    Only functions with RTMP broadcasting (i.e. OBS), browser broadcast is not compatible
    -Feature requires individual whitelisting
    -The feature is still experimental and may not work under unexpected circumstances
    -We can only offer limited support related to the feature at this time
    -We cannot take feature requests related to the feature at this time
    -Setup requires basic understanding of API calls and and the HTML format

    To apply for the feature, please provide the following information in an email to prerelease at wpstream.net
    -Your WpStream account username and password
    -Your use case for requiring low latency (i.e. casino gaming, live auction, trading etc)


    Hola cordial saludo
    mi nombre es cesar Rodriguez

    Mi usuario es naganta@gmail.com


    Please please please let us join your low latency trial!

    We are new to the platform, building an online training platform for multiple (hopefully >100 in the first year) trainers.

    Our idea would need a latency under 5 seconds because the trainers rely on chat (rather than 2 way video) to engage their class and keep them coming back.

    We’ll launch with 10 trainers who will do about 30 classes each to their network, primarily all actors in the trial will be based in london. I guess 10-30 people will watch each class, but that’s TBC based on our calculations. We’re starting to sell the product to trainers in London, so we expect trainers to stream mainly from there to their followers, who will also mainly be based in London.

    We really want to work with you – the platform works great with wordpress and we think the trainers will love how easy you make it (us too). But when we started testing it we realised we can’t manage with the higher latency that they currently have (using insta or zoom)



    @jimbeattie1000 please provide the required info in an email to prerelease@wpstream.net




    Hi i have followed the provided instructions best i can, ive embedded the URL provided by the link that was in the email into my page and replaced the 1234 with my channel id and the player interface loads but i get an error “No playable sources found” and the stream is working but the low latency isnt working

    El Susurro

    Hello. We have a platform where artists offer paid streaming concerts but we experience a 25-30 sec delay between
    real performance and stream, so the messages on the chat are so delayed that fans and artist cannot communicate efficently.
    Can you help us improve this?



    Indeed, the solution here works well for many, please apply as instructed and see for yourself



    Due to a new update, you can now apply for the feature using just your username and by stating your case for using Low Latency Streaming: Public beta

    Please email this information to prerelease@wpstream.net

    Yumcha Studios

    We stress-tested low-latency with a few participants.

    Here are our findings:

    With low latency feature turned on, the video quality is very poor and not acceptable.

    The resolution setting says 720p but the delivery is not that. Guessing it is 480px or even lower.

    We tested on a trial normal account with no low latency feature.

    The video quality is acceptable.

    Questions and follow-up:

    Is the low latency feature designed to deliver lower video quality than your normal streaming?
    If it is supposed to deliver same quality as your normal streaming, can you please check on how that can be achieved as we are not seeing it.

    What is the close tag for [wpstream_player_low_latency id=”1234″]?
    We tried both [/wpstream_player_low_latency] and [/wpstream_player] – they do not work.

    The shortcode for the low latency player is affecting our page layout as it seems to need a close tag.


    Hi Yumcha,

    Low latency DEFINITELY does NOT reduce the video quality. What you send is what you get. Try adjusting the bitrate, resolution and other settings for crisper picture.

    Player shortcodes, both regular and low_latency do not need a closing ‘tag’ they are fine as they are presented in the docs.

    Polly Persch

    I’m using the beta player due to my problem with the delay, however 95% of my subscribers use their cell phone to access my website, the problem is that it is very complicated to have to install an application to watch the live, I limit his access to the website during transmission. Which solution do you recommend me?


    The low latency feature is built on top of Media Source Extensions (MSE).

    It is not yet supported on the iPhone (but it is on the iPad) and there is not much we can do about it.

    You can choose to either deal with the higher latency of the mainstream product or give in to the fact that your iPhone users will have to download an app, at least for now.


    can you activate on this email simoneau.francois@gmail.com

    Thank you


    Hello Simoneau,

    Please follow the instructions in this thread and email prerelease@wpstream.net to enable low latency on your account. Thank you for your cooperation.

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