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    hi admins, can u help us enable the low latency feature for our wordpress website, we are in horse racing live stream industry~ been use upstream for 2 month and we figure out the delay was around more then 20second delay …. hope u able to help us , appreciated if can enable to low rate setup .and we are ok for 480P quality 🙂

    and also we need more bandwidth package which is ur fan package $399 was not really enough for us using per month, izzit anyway to increase or subscribe from WP with any special rate 😀

    looking forward your reply 🙂


    Hello there,

    Thank you for your message. For instructions on how to get the low latency beta feature, please follow this thread.

    If you would like a custom package bigger than the Fans plan, please email office@wpstream.net and one of my colleagues will get back to you ASAP 🙂

    Hope this helps!


    hi beatrice, finally i able to enable the low latency live, but one thing problem.. i just click my wp acc to check the live viewer but it show 0 all the time…infact my live got ppl come in….izzit the bug for beta version ? hope u can fix it for us ya..thx~


    Hello there,

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues. Can you please provide more details-preferably a link to the affected page? Thank you.


    Hi as u can c above, when i open live, it really got ppl come inside but the WP stream live event there always show 0 view…. hope u can fix for us ya…tqtq
    link : https://handy.wpstream.net/liveqos/?datasource=20696-5718-1623770623.live.streamer.wpstream.net&key=fksvge1b


    Hello there,

    This may be caused by a plugin/theme conflict. Please carry out a conflict assessment by following the instructions in this thread. If you still encounter the same issue after attempting the assessment, let us know what the outcomes of the test were and we will attempt to troubleshoot from there. Looking forward to your response.


    Hello again,

    On a second look, the number of viewers on the low latency beta player do not show as with the regular player. However, we are considering adding the viewer count in the future. Sorry for the confusion!


    So I was just doing a test with the low latency and see that it does change the 20 – 30 sec delay down to about 2 seconds. This is great. The issue I see is that while there is low latency the stream is very glitchy. seems to play for about 2 seconds then pauses for 1 – 2 seconds then plays again for the 2 second etc, making it very hard to watch a stream. I am testing while on high speed wifi connection.

    Is there anything that can be done to help with this glitchy stream? Also, for non-admin users, how would we be able to add the low latency to a stream they start themselves?



    Hello there,

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the low latency beta feature. Can you please provide a more detailed description of the issue and possibly send a link with the affected stream?

    You may also want to adjust the settings of your live stream as this may be affecting your broadcast. See this article.

    As for allowing regular users to use low latency, unfortunately this cannot be accomplished automatically. You will have to use the low latency shortcode on a page and add the ID of the user’s channel.

    Looking forward to learning more about the issue you have come across.



    I just began to test low latency and ABR altogether today.They have been activated altogether on my account, so i can’t identify for sure if a problem comes from one or the other.

    But, i had two problEms on my test today :
    1. The “featured image” that is used on low latency streams to show a message before it begins is not used on hight latency

    High latency shortcode just shows a black screen

    2. Also, is there a way to customize the messages shown on the screen before streaming or when pausing ? At least put it in french ?

    Thanks for your help.



    I forgot to mention also that the viewers counter is not working in high latency. Am i wrong ?




    Thank you for taking part in our beta features program. Sorry to hear that you are having some issues.

    1. Unfortunately, some of our beta features may not be compatible with each other or can show inconsistencies in certain environments depending on the device, browser, etc. We are taking into consideration the issue with the image not appearing and we will see what we can do about it.

    2. You are able to change the off-air text by following the instructions in this article https://wpstream.net/how-to-edit-the-off-air-text/

    3. The number of viewers on the low latency beta player do not show as with the regular player. However, we are considering adding the viewer count in the future. Other users can upvote and our team will prioritize this feature.

    Hope this helps!


    Hello, thanks for the reply,

    It’s a bit complicated to have to launch the stream, to pause it, to end it… to change the messages. It would be much simpler to modify all the textes in one only file, before lauching the stream.

    As you write in your post “This small tweak in your player could make a huge difference in the way that your viewers perceive you and your content- it’s an extra flare of professionalism that can be done in just under a minute”, and i think that two features would be GREAT for the low latency streams (any stream, in fact) :
    – the pre stream image (as in the normal latency one)
    – having a very big arrow (a PLAY arrow) appearing in the middle of the screen, to clearly show to the viewer that he needs to click on it to launch the stream again. Because right now, it each time a viewer arrives to the stream once it’s strated, he can see an image of the show. It can looks like a malfunction (he can think that the stream will start again, that it is just paused). And he has to click on the very minimalistoc arrow at the bottom left of his creen to launch the stream again. A big arrow in transparency, in the middle of the screen would much greater !

    These details would definitely give a touch of professionalism. Right now, the small text is looking more like an error message, the small arrrow is hardly visible…

    Well, let me know in which delay you could implement one (featured image) or the other option (batch modification of text file, and arrow)





    i’m adding some more precision about the “bad” modification with high latency.

    Please, understand that the important facts for me are :
    – I NEED low latency, as I will make the audience vote during the show.
    – I need the usage of the stream (pause, fail, play…) ti be easy to understand for an audience that is not used to streaming
    – I want the whole process to look professional and personalized
    – I need the stream to start, even on low connection (then with low quality)

    I made a page with the two shortcodes leading to the same stream. One with high latency, one with normal one.

    And here are the differences i noticed :

    – normal latency is showing a featured image. When i put the pointer on the screen, it goes from the classic arrow to the “big hand”, which clearly graphically sends the message to the viewer “click to launch”. The screen is showing the message that can be customized into the live metrics page.
    – high latency is showing a black screen. When i put the pointer on the screen, there is no change of the pointer, and the message on the screen is “no playable source found”, which i don’t know where i can modify it.

    ONCE STREAM HAS STARTED (and without refreshing the page) :
    – normal latency shows a “turning wheel” instead of the text. Pointer of the mouse doesn’t change anymore. It leads the viewer to wait (and by the way, it only shows turning wheel, video won’t start, this is since I have low latency and ABR activated)
    – low latency shows no change at all, same black screen with same message. The viewer won’t notice any change

    – normal latency shows again the featured image with the “hand pointer” when on screen. The “show paused” disappears after a few seconds, but nothinh happens. If i click on the screen, the turning wheel appears. (and by the way, it only shows turning wheel, video won’t start, this is since I have low latency and ABR activated)
    – low latency shows an image of the actual stream, no message, no pointer change. It gives the impression that we have to wait, and it will restart by itself. If I click on the screen, stream starts

    – normal latency shows the message that can be modified on live metrics
    – low latency pauses the image, and shows the message “No playable sources found” (which i don’t know where to modify)

    – normal latency : no change, same pause and message. (still with the featured image, as, as stated before, the stream never starts since I have ABR and low latency)
    – low latency : no change on screen, same pause and message (“No playable sources found”). The only way to start again is to click on the small arrow on the bottom right of the player. Click on the screen itself does nothing)

    Basically, if there is a crash on OBS, and the problem is solved, nothing happens automatically on the stream. It shows the message “no playable source found”, and the viewer has to click either on the screen or the small arrow to restart the stream. But he has no indication on when to do it. It should restart automatically, or change the pointer…

    I’ve tested these behaviors on Firefox PC, Edge PC, and Firefox on android, they are all the same.
    Only important difference, on android phones, using firefox, the big PLAY or PAUSE icon appears in blue in the middle of the screen, like it should.
    I haven’t tested on iphones, but i’m afraid to read on the forum that they need to download an app, do you confirm ?

    – As you can see, I spent a long time testing and re-testing all these behaviors. For me, it’s evident that these behaviors are not normal. It confuses the viewer, who never knows when to click, it shows a message “no playable source” that can’t be modified, and doesn’t automatically disappears when OBS is back, and the black screen instead of a featured image looks nothing but professional.
    For me, these points can’t be accepted. People are used to easy-tio use streams like FB, Youtube Twitch, and want this type of behavior. The friends who help me tested was lost on what to do of their screens. I had to tell them “refresh, click on the screen…). So, sadly, If you can’t solve these problems quickly, I will have to find another provider.

    Here is what I need to continue with WP Stream :
    – When the stream is ready to start or pause by clicking on it, the pointer MUST change OR a pause (two bars) or play (triangle) icon must appears on the screen.
    – The no playable source” should be replaced by the “stream paused” message that can be modified.
    – The features image should appears on the stream before starting, and, ideally, during a pause or fail from OBS

    I don’t know if this behavior is due to the use of ABR. You should be able to test it on your side, and let me know if i should try without ABR (but i think i need it).

    Thanks for your help,




    Hello Matt,

    Thank you for your very in-depth explanation on what is happening. Does this happen only when you are using the low latency beta feature or when you are using it WITH Adaptive Bitrate? We will need to narrow does the problem with testing each so can you please attempt using low latency without Adaptive Bitrate and to check again.

    If it only shows these issues when you are using Adaptive Bitrate, we will attempt to find a fix. Unfortunately, since they are both beta features, they can sometimes not be compatible in certain situations/devices/browsers. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter and looking forward to hearing from you.


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