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    When you select “Allow Streaming for regular users ?” option to ON in Membership of the theme menu

    This activates a form in the My-Account page but “You are not allowed to broadcast” section of the dashboard page is NOT available for the user ONLY for the Admin.

    We set the User Role in wpstream Plugin —>”Setting” —>”Non-Admin User Roles Allowed to Broadcast” to all the user roles Author,Editor, Contributor etc

    We tested with all the user roles by setting up the users in WordPress admin

    How can we either make that form follow the role selected in the wpstream plugin or eliminate the section from the My-account


    Hey there,

    This usually happens when you have either not:

    – Assigned the appropriate user role in WpStream Settings
    – Attached the correct role to the user via your Admin

    Please attempt to start off with assigning one role (author) allowed to broadcast from the settings instead of all (author, contributor, etc)

    Follow the directions exactly as mentioned in the tutorials below
    – Elementor:
    – WPBakery:


    Yes, it works when you use the wpstrem Elementor widget on a page you create.

    I am referring to the page generated by the Wpstrem Theme. This option is located in the “Membership Setting” Allow Streaming for regular users ? ON/OFF

    This is displayed in the “My-Account” when this is toggled to ON. It looks the same as the Wpstream Elementor widget but only allows the Admin role to Broadcast even when you change the user roles in the Wpstream Plugin Setting.


    Hello again,

    I would recommend that you use this feature directly through the WpStream plugin and not from the theme. Although they do the exact same thing, the plugin has been just recently been updated and allowing regular users to broadcast on your website is easier and more straight forward when you use this feature.

    Please let me know if still unclear.


    Thanks. I understand. It seem it would be an easy fix in the Theme to change the User Role for that function from “Admin” alone to “Admin and Author” for example or make more compatible with the plugin that control the same function. “Allow users to broardcast.

    let me know??


    Hi there,

    We will consider doing this however I cannot give you an exact timeline. As of now, you do need the WpStream plugin to stream anyways- whether you use the WpStream theme or not.

    Although the feature was previously only present in the theme, we chose to add it to the plugin and make a new and improved version of it due to popular demand. This way, anyone can enable regular users to broadcast on their website using just the plugin. You do not have to do anything under the ‘membership’ settings in the theme. All the steps are present on the plugin.

    We do appreciate your suggestion though and will definitely discuss it amongst our team and add updates on this thread. Watch the space!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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