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    Hello Streamers,

    Version 3.12.1 is officially up!

    You will find that we have 2 new features- both including subscription modes. You will now be able to:

    1. Set up a Global Subscription Mode similar to Netflix, HBO, and other streaming websites.
    2. Set up multiple subscription options with access to different types of videos.

    Please note, aside from the new Global Subscription Mode feature, a message will now be displayed on your PPV/subscription products when your viewer has not purchased/subscribed to a product.

    “You did not yet purchase this product/You have not subscribed to this product”.

    This now exists in order for your viewer to be informed about whether or not they have purchased a product on your website. If you wish to not have this message displayed, you can edit this via CSS with


    Thank you for all your suggestions and feature requests. This update was made with our client’s in mind and we hope that you will enjoy the feature as much as we do.

    Article and Video tutorial coming soon. Watch the space!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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