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    mitchell royster

    Hello! The feature is improved, though somethings I’ve noticed is that the “LiveStream” isn’t actually live streaming, it’s recording then putting what’s been recorded up. (In other words, during the recording if I move my left hand, I should see that same motion, in real-time, in an incognito browser)- Furthermore, partway through each recording (can’t really call it a “Livestream” due to the issue I raised above) there comes a strange green overlay over the entire video (not sure what that’s about) additionally, in the dashboard, there’s no way to retrieve/download the recordings.

    I will say kuddos for having the video actually show up now, but having these adjustments made before the official launch would really go a long way!



    1. the live delay is industry standard, see this for lower latency
    2. please provide a screenshot of the ‘green overlay’ so as to understand what it’s about; assuming it’s something like this? how often does it happen for you?
    3. to record your live streams, check the “Record Live Stream” in your channel settings


    The new and improved Next Generation Browser Broadcaster is no longer in beta and is now available to the public!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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