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    Hi, I have created a channel for a live stream I want to sell. I created the channel in WC Product, but when displayed, there is no option to add the product to the cart.

    I have recently cancelled my subscription. whilst we wait for our new events to be planned, but still have my account, so am able to register the plugin ok.

    Is this the reason i cannot see the functionality to add the Product to the cart?


    Hello there,

    Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing. We are trying our very best to fix this as soon as possible.

    In the mean time, please follow the directions in this thread to roll back to version 3.11

    We will also update the thread with all significant changes so please make sure to watch the space.

    Sorry again!


    Dear John,

    Some issues with this may be subjective to each case and it would be helpful to send any screenshots you have replicating the situation that led you to not being able to view the ‘Add To Cart’ button. The email is

    Better yet, please provide an admin URL and credentials so that our engineers can investigate. Thank you for your cooperation.

    cretu remus


    We did some tests but we could not replicate a issue with the add to cart button .

    There are 2 situations when this button does not appear
    1. If you did not put the price on the product
    2. If you set the WpStream Global subscription to on . Like this .
    In this case the products are part of the bigger product (the subscription) and cannot be bought individually . The user will have to purchase the subscription and after that it will have access to media.

    You can also watch this video to understand better how global subscription works.

    If you have another setup please give us more info so we could replicate and address any possible issues.
    Thank you


    Dear John,

    We have just released plugin version 3.12.2 addressing the above issue. Please check out this thread for more information.

    Thank you for your patience!


    Thanks Beatrice,

    working fine now.



    Hello John,

    Happy to hear that! Please let us know if you encounter any more issues.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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