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    Is it possible to create a pay-per-view channel in which one user pays for the product then is able to share a viewing link with other users?

    On another note, how do you remove the following message while WooCommerce is activated? I am noticing features/functions do not work as intended with the warning in place.

    “WpStream Pay Per View / Subscription mode works only with WooCommerce – If you want to charge money for your live events or videos you need to activate WooCommerce plugin”



    I don’t know about such feature, however there may be an extension of WooCommerce that makes it possible, please refer to their support or documentation. Keep in mind that WpStream turns live and recorded streams into ‘video products’, which can then be manipulated similar to any other virtual product.

    Respective warning should not display upon being closed once or if WooCommerce is installed, please let us know if different for you. Also what features/functions it interferes with for you, we are not aware of such issue.


    Thanks for the tip above on WooCommerce – I will look into this further.

    Regarding the warning, this displays after being closed and with WooCommerce installed. As WpStream does not detect WooCommerce being activated thus you are unable to select WpStream specific product types, for example.



    Regarding the warning

    I triple check a wp installation today and if WooCoomnerce is installed that message does not appear. Make sure your WP is up to date.
    Anyway – in case you still have problems the code is located at line 1088 in class-wstream-admin.php

    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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