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    Nice to meet you.

    We used wpstream to create our website.

    We get some inquiries from our customers that it takes a long time to start playing or it stops in the middle of playing.

    In these cases, what should we do? And how should I guide my customers?

    Best regards.

    Our website is

    Tomoyasu Takanishi
    Canopus Co., Ltd


    You may try to reduce your streaming bitrate for an immediate improvement on both.

    Also you can take advantage of the adaptive bitrate feature, see


    I’ve reduced the bit rate of the video enough to get it down to 2.12 Mbps.
    It seems to play smoothly for most people, but some have trouble playing it for some.
    Is this inevitable?


    It will not be smooth for viewers who’s momentary network/internet bandwidth is below that (2.1 mbps)
    You may enable adaptive bitrate for further improvements; that will transcode your content to a few (lower) bitrates and viewers with inferior internet speeds will automatically consume that, albeit a lower quality.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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