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    We are looking at your product looks nice.   We are testing a little and have some questions ;
    1. We like to broadcast a concert live. Think that this is possible, only we saw a big delay think with stream is not big problem but with chat will be a challenge.
    2. We need to broadcast live with “protected page” so only paid users can see the concert.
    2. We already have 100 people paid for the live stream, can we use woo commerce (for administration and payment) import the users already paid so they can join the concert?  For the next concerts we can use the woo commerce system so they user pay direct with wocommerce solution.
    Marcel Bosch

    Hi Marcel, thank you for reaching out

    1. see our low latency beta solution here if you find the regular delay unacceptable
    2. check out this tutorial on how to set up a live pay-per-view
    3. you may hand out discount coupons (100% off) to those who already purchased by other means; details on how to do that are more of a WooCommerce topic and I can’t advise much but I know others do that successfully

    Hope this helps, best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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