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    Can I ask a bit about how it works and what support I get?

    I am looking to help a customer who wants to launch a startup that allows video and audio streaming, they need:

    • Ondemand videos – purchasable videos
    • On schedule – somehow stream events in real time – how does this work with your software in summary that a customer can buy/book a ticket for e.g. a music festival or night club stream.
    • Ondemand audio clips – purchase audio/sound clips

    Can I also ask how best to handle streams/video content efficiently to minimise bandwidth and resources?

    Any tips on infrastructure for this type of thing? Where do your customers normally host the videos itself to save bandwidth? How do they track who has viewed the video?




    It works great. We offer forum and email support, with ticket support in the works.

    See these tutorials on how to monetize live and VOD content respectively

    See the following about optimizing your bandwidth. No need to worry about infrastructure, it’s all transparent

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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