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    Dear support,
    We are interested in Wpstream and we have some pre-sale questions:
    1. Can you provide us with data, analytics after streaming?
    2. Can we block video streaming based on Ip?
    3. Can we get real-time visits during streaming?

    1. nothing at this time; we will be offering basic analytics (mostly related to traffic usage) in about a month from now; we’re also soon to have a public beta of the capability to use a 3rd party player (like JWPlayer) which has advanced analytics, stay tuned

    2. no, and not a popular feature by any account

    3. there is a viewer count right in the player


    Any update on this?

    I am interested in the same 3 questions and also the status of JWPlayer integration.



    Hi there,

    1. there will be event listing (past and ongoing) with bandwidth consumption for each, in the very next version, scheduled for next Monday
    2. still no, no plans to implement, you may want to look up a dedicated plugin for the feature
    3. there is a viewer count right in the player

    JwPlayer and other 3rd party player can be implemented via the beta feature

    Use 3rd party video player – public beta

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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