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    Your website gives a shortcode to display WpStream products list and I inserted it on my page. The website says it will limit the display to 4 columns. However it does not. How do I correct this? I want to create 3 rows of 4 items.



    Looking at your link i see that you are using only our plugin and not our theme. In this case the we have only one shortcode for lists but that works only for free events and videos.

    I see that you want to list products (products from Woo Commerce) and in this case you need to use their shortcode.

    In this case you can use the one called “Recent Products” – this is capture using bakery visual composer . You have there the option to put 12 listings per page and 4 columns

    If you want to plan to use Elementor builder i’m pretty sure you will find the same block in their admin interface.

    Please note that these shortcodes are from WooCommerce and because not i may not be able to answer additional questions.

    Thank you


    You should probably update that information on your website. This page actually has sections for just the plugin and also the theme.

    WpStream Shortcodes



    Well noted with thanks. we will review and update the article.

    Best regards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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