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    -The feature will provide broadcasters with the ability to have an immutable ‘RTMP broadcast url’ and “Stream key” pair for specific channels
    -Broadcasting to the respective URL will automatically ‘start’ a channel if it is in an idle state (i.e. ‘inactive’)
    Restrictions & shortcomings
    -The feature requires individual whitelisting
    -The feature can be set up for a single website from within a specific WpStream account
    -The feature is still experimental and may not work under unexpected circumstances
    -We can only offer limited support related to the feature at this time
    -Setup requires basic understanding of API calls and and the JSON format
    To apply for the feature, please provide the following information in an email to prerelease at wpstream.net
    -Your WpStream account username and password
    -The website you would like this enabled for (i.e https://example.com); please note that http vs https is important and only the specified will work, not both
    -(yes or no) If you wish to record your “Static RTMP” incoming broadcasts; setting will apply to all channels

    Update: starting version 4.3 the beta ‘static RTMP’ is effectively replaced by the Auto TURN ON functionality. Simply set your channel to ‘Auto TURN ON’ (in the channel settings) to attain the functionality.
    The ‘beta static RTMP’ will still be available to existing users until the end of April 2022; they are encouraged to migrate to ‘Auto TURN ON’ ahead of time to avoid any dysfunctionality.


    Please do not update your plugin to 3.2.1 just yet, it contains breaking changes still untested with this feature.
    If you upgraded already and encountering issues you may download the 3.2.0 version from here

    Will update the thread when it’s safe to upgrade, should be before the end of the week.


    Confirmed, v3.2.1 is not fully compatible with ‘static RTMP’. Please hold off on updating or manually install the older plugin that you can download from here

    Adjusting the beta feature to fit the mainstream product is slightly more complex than expected, still hoping to have a solution in the beginning of next week.


    Ok, this will take even longer. As it needs a bit of redo anyway, we’re taking the chance to overhaul and bring it closer to production.

    Please keep using version 3.2.0 to have the feature working for now. Can be downloaded from here

    Will post details on the expected timeline in the coming days.


    Expecting to have this ready on Wed or Thu

    That is, static rtmp working with the latest plugin (and other beta features); also a few perks like being able to selectively record and using on multiple sites


    Feature is now compatible with latest plugin version. To ensure a smooth transition kindly do the following:

    1. Update the plugin while all channels are inactive
    2. Clear all caches (browser, wordpress, theme, cdn etc)
    3. [Important!] Manually start each channel (hit “broadcast to channel” in admin) you want to use with static rtmp (just once, it will subsequently start on its own as expected)
    4. Broadcast to the static rtmp url as usual, urls are the same

    -manually starting a channel also ‘activates’ its static rtmp capabilities; (!)attempting to statically broadcast on a never-previously-manually-started channel will fail
    -(!)all newly created channels will also need manually started (once) to activate the feature
    -recording is no longer set universally for all channels, instead the setting of the last manual start is remembered and applied
    -website/domain is no longer set universally for all channels, instead the setting of the last manual start is remembered and applied
    -updated info on the functionality will be mass emailed in the coming days


    i want to use Open Broadcast Studio send send my live stream via my wordpress website. where do i find my rtmp address and stream key?


    djdivinedc please see this tutorial https://youtu.be/Eftr68cT9pw


    Hi, is this static rtmp feature stil available? I mailed the prerelease email address outlined in the post above a week ago but haven’t received a reply.


    found your email but it carries some ‘confidentiality’ stuff that would require our team to click links in it; as that’s unadvised please please re-formulate it or try resend from a different mailbox


    I don’t understand how to setup it in my wordpress page. Someone could help me please?


    The email that accompanies the enrolling in the beta contains detailed usage info. What part of that do you not understand?

    John Bernard

    this was the 2nd day of using the ‘static rtmp beta’ software. The go live function works fine, but it didn’t remember that we wanted to record the stream. We figured out that we had to go through the first time setup again to check the record box and then it recorded the stream. Maybe there is something we forgot to do during the first time setup so it would remember? If not, this is something you should think about before releasing the feature.
    The previous times we ran the beta software, twice, we didn’t check the viewer sound output. Today the third time, we checked the sound output and there wasn’t any sound going to viewers.
    So we went back to 3rd party broadcast setup and the sound came through.
    I don’t know if anybody else is or has experienced this issue.


    Record setting is being remembered from the last ‘manual’ run. Please let us know if it specifically did not for you.

    Sound not working via ‘static rtmp’ but working via the ‘regular’ setup is unexpected. Please confirm this happens consistently and using same broadcaster and settings for both. Do specify what you’re using to broadcast and as much detail as possible, we’ll attempt to troubleshoot if confirmed.


    I have followed the information provided in my email to set up my static keys and several issues have arisen.

    1. The link itself in the email has my information hardcoded in the link, but when I click on it it opens a new window with another customer’s information in the URL.

    2. If I right-click, hit copy link, and enter into a new browser it has this other customers info.

    3. If I highlight, ctrl + c, then paste it shows my info in the link but the JSON return is {“error”:”invalid_grant”,”error_description”:”Invalid username and password combination “}

    I responded to my email with Nana with the actual customer account info that the email is linking to as not to share personal information that is not mine here.

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