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    Hi, I’m trying to find out why our connection dropped this AM for approximately 1 minute.  The camera did not have to regenerate an RTMP feed, but they did have to click the “Stream” button again.
    Basically, I need to determine if the website or the camera dropped it’s connection to WP Stream.
    1. I have drawn a rough diagram of my understanding of how this plugin operates. Is this accurate?
    2. Is the server’s connection to WP Stream required to be continuous during the live stream?  It is at Digital Ocean and no processes interrupted it during this time.
    3. Obviously the camera’s connection is required to be continuous.
    Any insight you can give into what might have caused this is greatly appreciated.
    Aaron Buckner



    What ‘camera’ are you using?

    While some rtmp broadcasting software are capable to reconnect pending a network failure, I assume yours isn’t. See if you can set it to reconnect or grab a log of the failure. Better yet, let me know what that ‘camera’ is. Did ‘they’ have to ‘stop and start’ that camera or just ‘start’ (so it had switched to a ‘stopped’ state by itself)?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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