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    Hi. our teachers are getting bumped off their broadcasts. They are in the same room as their routers, have upgraded internet connections and are still having trouble streaming live without issues. They’re currently using the live: solo app to broadcast. This is the second one we’ve tried. What’s the deal?


    Hard to say from such generic description. If they’re all getting ‘bumped off’ indiscriminately, see if reducing bitrate and/or resolution as a rule makes it better overall. Not sure if the ‘bumps’ are network slowdowns or actual disconnects, only the former would be alleviated by this.

    Reportedly customers are getting better results off of Larix than AirSolo, worth trying but can’t truly recommend it officially, see for yourself.

    If just some of the broadcasters are experiencing issues, work on each case individually. Most cases are dealt with by swapping the connection (try a 4g/5g hotspot as an alternative, just to see if it’s better), the app, or the device.

    Mobile apps offer limited/no options to diagnose your broadcast, en lieu try bringing a laptop with OBS into the same location and network when the case. See the final part of this article for diagnosing tips

    Choosing The Best Settings For Your Broadcast (FPS, Bitrate, Resolution)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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