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    Hello WPStream Team,
    As per your article linked below, I am contacting you in the hopes that you can assist me with diagnosing an issue with live streaming. I am currently on the trial plan for your tool; however I think it is a very good solution and I’d like to upgrade to a paid plan as soon as possible once I’ve verified that it will work.

    I have a black box in my player every time I live stream; I have verified that the browser stream starts correctly and my camera is accessed; I see myself in the small pop-up window but on the player page the player remains black.

    I followed the steps linked here in your support article regarding an issue like this, but it does not seem to be the problem that I am having, and I’m not able to diagnose the issue myself. However, I have attached 2 screenshots of various errors that appear in my Developer Console while I am running the stream (from the perspective of the viewer).

    I would appreciate any input you have, and would be glad to provide further information about our WordPress setup if needed.

    Thank you!
    Robbie L. Bussard
    Information Systems Coordinator
    Active Self Protection, LLC



    I would assume from what I’m seeing that the ‘autoptimize’ interferes with our code in a way that makes it misbehave (i.e. conflict). Try

    1. disable that ‘autoptimize’ (i’m guessing it’s a JS minifier/blender/optimizer) or have it bypass the wpstream scripts
    2. run a full blown conflict resolution, see this
    3. if still unsuccessful do get back to us

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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