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    I am building our a site using the theme and for some reason on the safari browser there is a mobile like menu that appears that I can’t seem to remove in the custom settings.

    Also, there is a wp stream retina image in the header space that there is NO way of removing, in addition, the logo when entered, disappears as soon as the page is loaded.

    Can you please help me solve these issues. I love the functionality, and abilities otherwise. Thanks!!


    see this about the dissapearing logo

    stay tuned on the others


    Please post a link to your website and some screenshots with the problem. Otherwise is almost impossible to give you an aswer.

    As a side note – the mobile like menu appears only you are seeing the site on mobile devices or the browser window size is similar with the size of a mobile device. On what device you are testing ?

    Thank you


    ftp _/clickandbuilds/*site*/wp-content/themes/wpstream-wordpresstheme/img/
    replace files logo.png and logo_transparent.png
    with a 25px height png
    this work around sorts it out for now

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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