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    This feature has been made obsolete by the introduction of the WpStream Platform API

    See this thread for updated details about using a 3rd Party Video Player with WpStream

    WpStream uses a derivative of the Video.js HTML5 player. Its capabilities are limited by product features and lifecycle. We are often unable to respond to player related feature requests that are complex or uncommon. Therefore offering our clients the possibility to use any HLS (.m3u8) capable player for live stream playback.


    Hello @gabriel, thank you for the information! I was redirected here by the the chat support. I’m sorry if it’s obvious but I want to understand completely. I made a website for a client who hosts Yoga videos/classes. Videos are hosted in Vimeo at the moment. I’m guessing from your post this format would not be compatible with your plugin to broadcast to a smartTv/device…

    Would that mean we’d have to switch to another sort of “self” hosting so we could use one of the html supported players? and then videos would be compatible to broadcast?


    There would be 2 ways to bring the website video content to smart TVs

    1. just open the website in the TV’s browser; this reportedly works for some customers, but we don’t have details nor could advise on the matter

    2. open the video page on your device and ‘cast’ it to the TV; our player does not yet support casting (via chromecast or airplay) but we are considering it; meanwhile you may use one of the players above, some of them do support the feature; I know for sure JWPlayer is one of them


    Hi @christina thank you for your response. Is the second option we want. So this ‘casting’ feature is not a feature supported by you guys correct? it comes with the player? (in this case JWPlayer)
    If that is the case, what is the broadcasting feature you guys offer?


    Indeed, casting is a feature we do not yet support, it is however considered for a future release.

    Not understanding what you mean by “broadcasting feature you guys offer”, please explain.


    Hello Admin.. Thank you for your quick reply. I was referring to the feature in this link:
    But i guess is more for streaming (live streaming ?)



    Dear Pablo,

    It is indeed a category in our blog that refers to the live streaming aspect of WpStream. We do not currently have a casting feature. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Maximo Lopez

    Hello, I was told that it is possible to share channels between sites but with a Beta Feature? How can I activate this?


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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