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    After a VOD purchase is made how does someone watch the video? None of the confirmation emails in our test purchases have a link nor is there any kind of redirect to the video. I don’t know where to set up restrictions on the vod like how long they can watch it for or how many times they can watch it and we certainly don’t want them to be able to download the video. Do you have any documentation that can help me get this setup correctly?


    I think I figured out the problem. I turned off guest checkout and they can access the video(s) from their my account page. However, the watch video link takes them to the product page. I’m making pages for each video and want them to watch the videos on those pages. How can I change the “watch the video) link on this page https://www.thevoiceactorstudio.com/my-account/video-list/ to go to the page I made for the video here  https://www.thevoiceactorstudio.com/videos/the-business-of-voice-acting-with-tom-dheere/ instead. I am attempting to use shortcodes as outlined here:  https://wpstream.net/wpstream-shortcodes/


    In fact, is there a way to NOT have the video be on the product page NOR the message that says you did not buy this? I still don’t know how to restrict how much they can watch the video or for how long.


    I;m not sure i understand the situation so here are some clarifications

    to sell a vod

    1. You create a product in WooCommerce http://prntscr.com/t6qua4
    – select the product data as video on demand
    – select the video file
    – put the price

    The product will have a link like site… product/my-simple-product/

    2. If a user access that page it will say that it needs to buy a ticket
    3 after the user purchase the ticket it will be able to see the video on the same link ….product/my-simple-product/

    Thank you

    Melissa Moats

    Is there not a way to restrict the VOD access to a time limit or view limit?


    Is there no way to change where the default page to view the video is? It’s not exactly ideal to have it on the product page. This is a moot point however if we cannot restrict the usage of the video.



    Our product does not feature such restrictions. No plans to create any either, such or similar have been scarcely required but not really popular.
    I’m sure there are plugins that would help you accomplish this, i.e. restrict access to a page. Btw, you can include the video player into any page shortcodes, see this



    Indeed, you can set up the video player, may it be that of a VOD or live stream, into any page via shortcodes:


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