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    Web broadcaster soemtimes work and sometimes not, only work good from Chrome in Samxung Galaxy

    OBS work all the time, also BroadcastMe

    Why not Web and why only Chrome?


    The browser broadcaster is based on WebRTC. While the technology still has issues, it is reportedly working well on Chrome for Mac, Windows and Android.
    We have not properly tested it yet in either Firefox, Safari or Opera and there is no proper support for the technology in Edge/IE.
    One may also encounter connectivity issues due to NATting, UDP ports being blocked and other networking twists.

    All in all, while this works great for many, it will just not work for some. We are slowly improving on it but given the underlying technology it will probably never be perfect.
    Recommended you consider an RTMP broadcasting solution if it’s not working for your setup.


    I am testing your product via wordpress plugin. When I click Start browser broadcast, the popup window appears saying starting broadcast then nothing happens.

    Have tried both Chrome Version 80.0.3987.132 and Edge 44.18362.449.0 on windows 10

    Please advise next steps


    In its current state, the web broadcasting does not work for every host/browser configuration out there. We are working to improve it and hoping to have an enhanced version of it some time during the summer. It will also work in Firefox and Safari.
    Meanwhile, if not able to successfully stream from your browser please consider desktop alternatives like VMix, OBS, and mobile apps like BroadcastiX


    I am facing a very specific issue:
    On the same network (my home office)
    I tried 4 computers, all win10 + chrome
    two work, and 2 don’t.

    The two not working computer show the webcam in the popup, either with starting bradcast… status or no status at all.

    Any clue what this might be coming from? Any way to debug? i don’t see any error in the browser console.

    I need to implement a website where customers can log-in and stream from browser (it might be tricky to guide them remotely into using obs)



    Hi Fede,

    Broadcasting from the browser may not work for every setup. See this thread for details.

    A new version of the browser broadcast is in the works and should be available in January. It will cover more use cases (browsers, connection configuration) but may still not be universally available.

    mitchell royster

    I sincerely hope that this update happens soon, unlike what was reported around March of last year- as it obviously didn’t happen then. By the way- “Covid” isn’t an excuse in this scenario, given that the creation of software is completely a virtual venture…


    Hello Mitchell,

    We are however days away from a very much improved browser broadcast solution, please let us know if you would like to be one of the early adopters. Keep an eye on our forum as new updates will be announced here first.


    The new and improved Next Generation Browser Broadcaster is no longer in beta and is now available to the public with version 3.11 of WpStream!

    Some of its highlighted features include;

    -Ability to start and stop the broadcast
    -Ability to select the camera and microphone
    -Adjustable broadcast bitrate
    -Adjustable video resolution
    -Works in all modern browsers, including Chrome (Mac, Windows, Android), Safari (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Firefox (Desktop, Android), Edge, Opera, etc.

    We would like to thank everyone for your patience and looking forward to your browser live streams.


    My Browser Broadcaster gives an error saying Could not start video source. Now i want to end the event. The event continues to be live and i cannot end it. Please advise how i can end the event. It is continuing to consume bandwidth. Event id #132246.


    Hello there,

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues broadcasting. Were you able to start a live stream through the browser or is it just that the channel (event) is active? If you are unable to broadcast from the browser but the channel is just active, the channel will automatically shut down after about 45 minutes of inactivity and the resources consumed are almost negligible.

    As for not being able to broadcast, this may happen if your camera and mic do not have permission. Please reset and make sure that you give permission when the pop up appears on your browser.

    Let me know if this helps and if it doesn’t, do not hesitate to provide more information.

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