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    We are streaming live broadcasts using 1080p. The router is in the same room we are streaming. We use iPad/iphones. The connection keeps getting lost.
    Can you help? Would reducing to 720p work? Can you explain how to test our internet connection?


    Depending on what app you use on the respective iDevice, there may be limited hints that would give to help you diagnose.
    Off the top of my head, can you instead try an actual computer with OBS connected to the same network; you can get a lot of QoS info from OBS by monitoring the parameters outlined here (see last 2 pictures)
    This way you’d at least know if issues are caused by your connection, or perhaps the iPad or the app is at fault

    Since your connection simply ‘gets lost’ I’d say reducing to 720p would not help.
    Unfortunately the speed tests are a bit deceitful and usually show you the speed to the closest point of presence. If you want a more down to earth value of your internet speed try testing against a very remote location, like South America or Australia.
    Still, there’s a lot more to networking than just raw speed so you can’t rely on that alone to guarantee the quality of a broadcast
    True way to go is one of the following

    A. go guaranteed: lease a line with SLA guaranteed upload; if using Wifi make sure its speed is appropriate, there is no electromagnetic interference, no channel conflicts etc
    B. go scientific: probe your network upload to various worldwide locations a few times a day; address with your provider if you find it unsatisfactory
    C. improvise: test against multiple connections (i.e. a mobile hotspot is trivial to set up nowadays) and see what works; drastically reduce resolution and bitrate, and if that helps slowly work your back way up until you find the sweet spot; try other software or devices, some just don’t work well for some

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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