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    hi, hope you’re well!

    i have a video sharing platform like YT that i’m looking to grow. it’s been up for a month and doing pretty well. a couple members asked about live-streaming so i have been looking around.
    each member has a profile page.
    can each member stream or is this just for me, to embed on my wordpress site?
    i would like each member to be able to stream. i have a dedicated server.
    is this free or is this a paid service, and do you handle the streaming? i’m assuming you do since you allow a certain amount of bandwidth each month.
    let me know. thanks!

    we are indeed well, thanks for caring

    1. normally only admin can broadcast but there are ways to get your users to broadcast themselves, see this, #1 there may be particularly useful for your case
    2. it is paid (beyond the free trial) and streaming runs through WpStream’s cloud, therefore the bandwidth quota

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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