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    WordPress is a complex ecosystem that incorporates a wide variety of use cases, add-ons and customization options, acccessible to novice and expert users.
    As a solution provider WpStream strives to create a stable product accompanied by clear and straightforward documentation and skilled customer support. We are however uncapable to handle a variety of service or information requests, ranging from trivial to complex, that fall outsite the scope of the product. To close this gap, WpStream is launching a consultant program, where we partner with independent contractors in the hope to bring value added services to our customers.

    Things a consultant may help with:
    * Walk you through the process of setting up video streaming on your site, or setting it up altogether
    * Advise with general WordPress and integration queries
    * Identify and mitigate plugin or theme conflicts on your site
    * Advise about various aspects of video streaming
    * Advise about equipment, hosting etc
    * Customize WpStream in ways not supported by the mainstream product
    * WooCommerce and monetization related topics
    * Inquiries about broadcast settings, software, bitrate, network setup
    * Beta and experimental features
    * Integration with 3rd party products and platforms
    * Assistance in a foreign language

    Things you can reach out to support for
    * Inquiries about pricing, packages, bandwidth and storage consumption
    * Billing topics
    * Information about the product that is not covered by existing public documentation
    * Issues with WpStream that are NOT caused by conflicts or misconfiguration

    How it works:
    1. Please write to us at consultant@wpstream.net, detailing your specific consultancy needs; you may write this in a language other than English if the case
    2. We match you with a consultant and provide you their credentials, including contact info, availability, hourly rate, timezone etc
    3. You work out the details with the consultant and get the job done
    4. We constantly ask our customers for feedback on various consultant engagements, and strive to provide top quality talent for your needs

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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