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    How do I enable my QOS?

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    This has been a problem before that an agent on the chat was able to resolve. Not sure why your agent now online seems to be not so capable of anything.
    1. I have a 89mbps on average upload at 2 PING ms
    2. During my last experience I was told the my stream was touted to North America and to resolve the issue she had all my stream routed to Singapore. An this fixed the issue.

    I am 100% sure that this is not an internet connection problem on my end.

    Can you please find a solution as we have a big show coming this October 3 with 1000 audience for 3 hours.
    I hope you can fully assist us on this matter.

    Time Started Probe Size Duration (ms) Speed % Completed
    20200917 15:36:56:357 38.44MB 11081 27.75Mbps 100
    20200917 15:36:52:568 25.63MB 3789 54.11Mbps 100
    20200917 15:36:50:017 17.09MB 2550 53.60Mbps 100
    20200917 15:36:48:217 11.39MB 1800 50.63Mbps 100
    20200917 15:36:45:671 7.59MB 2546 23.86Mbps 100
    20200917 15:36:44:758 5.06MB 913 44.36Mbps 100
    20200917 15:36:44:075 3.38MB 683 39.53Mbps 100
    20200917 15:36:43:575 2.25MB 500 36.00Mbps 100
    20200917 15:36:43:091 1.50MB 484 24.79Mbps 100
    20200917 15:36:41:285 1.00MB 1806 4.43Mbps 100

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    How can I prove a screenshot. Can you send me an email where I can send it too.

    in reply to: WP Stream conflicts with Elementor Pop Up Log In #88829

    Here is a link for you to know more about elementor pop-up.

    I think it conflicts your theme because you log-in has the same function on your theme. Where your log in pops up.

    When I deactivated your theme the pop-up worked perfectly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)