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How to live stream to WordPress from your Chrome browser

October 11, 2018

Broadcasting directly from the browser has long been the most requested feature from WpStream users worldwide. And we listened! Starting with the 1.5 release you can stream live to your viewers in just a few clicks, without sophisticated OBS and RTMP setups.

How it works

1. under the WpStream / WpStream Channels section of your WordPress admin, hit Broadcast To Channel for any of the channels you have previously created

2. wait for the channel to become available

3. hit Start Browser Broadcast; a new browser window will open

4. allow access to your camera and microphone: a dialog will appear, requesting access to your camera and microphone; you must hit Allow to be able to broadcast

That’s it! The browser app will start streaming automatically. To see the live video as your website viewers will see it you can click on the View Channel link – a new tab will open.

Browser broadcasting is currently available in Chrome for Windows, Mac and Android, with support for more browsers and platforms coming soon.


As with other ways of streaming, you will need the following set up:

If you need help with any of these topics you can read our classic streaming article here or you can just mimic the following video tutorial

As always, feedback of any kind is welcome. Happy streaming!

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