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Installing the WpStream Theme and Demo Content

July 18, 2019
WpStream - How To Install The Theme Tutorial

WpStream is the ultimate video streaming theme for WordPress. Users can stream pre-recorded videos or live events, create pay-per-view products or subscription based live events such as concerts, yoga classes, seminars or weddings.

WpStream offers an intuitive user interface that anyone can use. Installing the theme on your website is easy as 1-2-3! 

Installing WpStream Theme and Demo Content

This is a step by step guide on how to install WordPress, WpStream, the recommended plugins and importing demo content. You can also check our video tutorial HERE.

Installing WordPress

While most web hosts can do this automatically, WordPress can also be installed manually. Check the following links for guides on how to do it:

Creating a WpStream Account

Step 1: Visit https://wpstream.net and click on “My Account”.

Step 2: Fill out the register form.

Step 3: Click on the “Register” button and you will be redirected to your dashboard page:

Downloading WpStream Theme

Step 1: Visit https://wpstream.net and click on “Plugin & Theme”.

Step 2: Select “WpStream WordPress Theme” and you will be redirected to this page: https://wpstream.net/wpstream-theme-a-live-streaming-wordpress-theme 

Step 3: Click on “Download WpStream WordPress Theme”

Installing the WpStream Theme

To install the theme, simply go to your WordPress Dashboard  >> Appearance (2) >> Themes (2) >> Add New (3) >> Upload Theme. 

Once you clicked on “Upload Theme”(1) , click on the “Browse”(2) button and select the theme you recently downloaded. 

Please note: The WpStream theme is named “wpstream-wordpresstheme” and the plugin is named “wpstream”. 

Once you selected the theme, click “Install now”(3).

WpStream Theme was installed successfully!

Activating the WpStream Theme

In order to activate the WpStream Theme you will have to go to Appearance (1) >> Themes (2) >> Activate (3).

The theme is activated and ready for use (1), but the recommended and mandatory plugins still need to be installed. Click on “Begin Installing Plugins” (2).

If you did not install the WpStream plugin before installing the theme, your notice will look like this:

Installing Required Plugins

Downloading & Activating Plugins

The WpStream Theme uses the following plugins and extensions:

  • WpStream Plugin this plugin is MANDATORY and works with the WpStream Theme or as a standalone streaming plugin.
  • One Click Demo Import this plugin is needed only in order to import the WpStream demo content. It can be safely deleted afterwards.
  • Revolution Slider – this plugin is an optional third party Premium Plugin used to create sliders for header media. It can be safely deleted afterwards.
  • WPBakery Visual Composer – this plugin is a third party Premium Plugin used to use and edit the theme default demo content as well as to edit any shortcodes that are used by the theme.
  • WooCommerce – this is a third party plugin used to integrate an online store for your streams or VODs (videos on demand). 

Premium recommended plugins:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions – this is a premium third party plugin required for subscription-type products.

In order to install the required plugins, simply go to Appearance(1) >> Install Plugins (2) and then select  “Install” from “Bulk Actions” (3). Select all the plugins (4) and then click “Apply”(5).

Once the plugins have been installed, click on “Return to Required Plugins Installer”.

Here we will activate the plugins. Simply select all the plugins by clicking on the checkbox, then go to the dropdown “Bulk Actions” and select activate. Once you have done that, simply click on the “Activate” button. 

Please note that activating the plugins may take a while, so have a little patience. 

This message should appear after activating the recommended plugins: 

Setting up  WooCommerce 

Please note that in order for WooCommerce plugin to work with the theme, it needs to be set up properly: 

You can either click “Run the Setup Wizard” or “Skip setup” and leave it for another time.

Installing WpStream Demo Content

To install the WpStream Demo Content simply go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance (1) >> Import Demo Data (2) and click on “Import”(3).

Once you have successfully imported the demo content, you should get this message:

Congratulations, you can now start streaming!

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  • Arvid August 5, 2019


    How and from where I can change the image on the header of home page? The appearance settings changes the header in Shop page but what about the home page header?

    Thanks in advance

  • admin August 15, 2019

    Edit the page and after the content area you have a section called “appearance options”
    You have there the option to switch from video to image or slider. And you have the options to change the image. text, overlay, etc .

    See this screencapture : http://prntscr.com/osyryo

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