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Live streaming for churches and other faith communities.

April 2, 2020

Technology has an important role in a place of worship. From the software used by the management team, to online donation platforms, technology is consistent. Language itself is a communication technology. God revealed himself to his believers in the form of languages and technology is just another form of communication. The word of God has historically travelled through books, radio, television, social media, and now, you can send it forward by live-streaming using WpStream.

With WpStream, one can broadcast a service and connect believers in any neighborhood, city, state, country, and even the world. Moreover, it is possible to record and archive services for later viewing. Live-streaming does not require expensive hardware or advanced technical knowledge. In fact, by watching a tutorial, amateur users can broadcast their events to small or large audiences.

Religious services have been affected on a global level due to COVID-19. Accordingly, pastors, imams, and rabbi’s have taken advantage of live-streaming to broadcast their preaching. Worshippers can thus participate in these services from the comfort of their own homes.

Benefits of live-streaming for worshiping services

  • Strengthen and enhance your community

    Reach your audience beyond the physical walls of the church and keep believers connected. Grow your fellowship by occupying the online sphere and tapping into new demographics. For example, young people (digital natives) would highly appreciate this type of broadcast. Furthermore, live-streamed services allow the sick, injured, disabled, and old to join in the collective acts of worship.

  • Streaming is convenient, user-friendly, and inexpensive

    Looks are deceiving. Live-streaming is not difficult to set up or costly. No extra hardware and engineers need to handle the tech. Your smartphone or laptop will do just fine by simply installing the software and streaming can begin within 30 minutes. Basic WordPress knowledge will allow you to use WpStream services. Receive video tutorials and prompt responses from the support team for as low as $19/month.

  • Engagement

    The comment section on the live-stream allows people to communicate and interact with fellow worshippers during the service. This offers instant feedback, therefore making it easy for you to send meaningful responses to your congregations’ questions and concerns. Live-streaming creates an open and effective community, encouraging even the most quiet members to participate.

  • Save the most memorable moments

    WpStream offers Video-on-Demand (VOD) that can be used to archive important events. For instance, you can record Easter and Christmas prayers, Sunday mass services, religious performances, and concerts. People who missed the live-stream or those who wish to reminisce have access to these VODs. Think Netflix, but for Church!

To conclude, here at WpStream, we understand the overarching concerns of religious management boards regarding expenses. We offer attractive discounts for global churches, mosques, temples, and other religious organizations. Enjoy your ad-free live-streaming with technical support around the clock at an affordable price. 

Finally, check out our Covid-19 Support article for information on how WpStream is giving back to places of worship and non-profit organizations in these trying times. Fill out the form on the article and we aim to respond within 48 hours if selected to receive support. We have powered dozens of small and medium scale events at no cost in the past few months.

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  • Bill Andre July 7, 2020

    Hi, our small church has been live streaming our service to Facebook Live. In addition, I would like to live stream to our website as well. (WordPress website, Divi theme and we can stream using OBS as you showed in your video. The part I don’t understand is where on our website we would be streaming to. Do we set up a page and then put a code on that page that tells your plugin where to show the live stream? Thanks.

    • Nana July 8, 2020

      Hello there,

      Thank you for considering our product. Setting up a page then inserting a shortcode to embed your live stream on that page is commonly executed. Please check our article about shortcodes here: https://wpstream.net/wpstream-shortcodes/.

      If you have more queries and perhaps issues, please email us at office@wpstream.net.

      Best regards,


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