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Live streaming for churches and other faith communities.

April 2, 2020

Technology has elevated the traditional religious word-of-mouth approach to podcasts, blogs, social network activities and live-streaming, which allow preachers to remotely expand their reach to new, usual and potential congregation. Broadcasting your service or ministry events to connect believers altogether and archiving them for later access have never been easier without the needs of expensive hardware and advanced technical knowledge. Whether your church is small-scaled with a few dozens of regular attendees or larger-scaled hosting events for thousands of audiences, live-streaming can meet all your demands.

Global Sunday services and regular sermons have been considerably impacted amid the hit of Covid-19 pandemic, which is a sudden move from physical to online gatherings. Ministers and pastors have facilitated the advantages of live-streaming to broadcast their Sunday mass and services. The followers could conveniently participate at any time without stepping out of their doors.

Benefits of live-streaming for worshiping services

  1. Strengthen and enhance your community: beyond the physical walls, you can reach the audience from anywhere, attract younger generations, keep the believers connected and extensively grow your fellowship. One of the most identified advantages of church service live-streaming is allowing the sick, the injured, the disabled, the old – who might not be able to travel – to join in the collective acts of worship. On the other hand, anyone who is traveling could also participate in the prayer.
  2.   Streaming made easy, convenient and affordable: Let’s debunk the myths, live-streaming is not intricately implemented with costly equipment and hardware as it looks like from prominent and big churches’ streaming videos. You can simply use your smart phones or computers to install the software and start streaming within 30 minutes. When using WpStream’s services, with just basic Word Press knowledge,  you will receive our full-on tutorials and get the prompt support from our skillful technicians from a reasonable $19/month.
  3. Engagement: from the comment section of your streaming event, people can communicate to you or to the others by leaving feedbacks, answering their own questions and giving out meaningful advice. Replacing long gatherings with continuous questions and concerns awaiting solutions, live-streaming creates an open and effective community with no one left behind.
  4. Save the memorable moments: the video-on-demand function can help you archive the important and annual events’ videos such as: Epiphany, Easter, Christmas and other celebrations and festivals. These videos could be shared to anyone who missed them, be reviewed later on or just simply watched again and again to reminisce the perfect memories.

Understand the concerns of the religious management boards regarding expenses, WpStream is offering attractive discounts for global churches, mosques, temples and other religious organizations for all available packages. Enjoy your ad-free live-streaming with technical support around the clock at an affordable price with WpStream.net.

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