The 10 Best Multistreaming Platforms for Live Content in 2023

Are you looking to stream your content to multiple platforms but unsure where to start? Choosing a single streaming platform can be daunting. There are many choices, and you want to avoid potential viewers missing out just because you aren’t streaming on their preferred platform.

Multistreaming is the perfect solution to this problem. Broadcasting your stream to multiple different platforms at once can be a great way to increase your stream’s reach. The problem is that there are a lot of multistreaming tools out there, and choosing one can be almost as tricky as choosing a streaming platform!

In this article, we will examine why you should consider multistreaming. We will also explore the best tips for choosing a suitable tool and discuss our top 10 picks for the best multistreaming platforms and tools for live content in 2023.

What is multistreaming?

Multistreaming refers to the process of streaming one live video to multiple different platforms or destinations at once. 

Typically, streamers use multistreaming to extend their stream’s reach while managing only one broadcast. For example, you can simultaneously broadcast live content from your webcam to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook

Why should you multistream?

Multistreaming lets you reach a much larger potential audience for your live content by targeting multiple streaming platforms simultaneously. This has a few clear benefits:

Expand your viewership with new audiences

It’s no secret that viewers have different preferences when it comes to streaming platforms. By streaming on a single platform, you miss out on those that prefer to access live content elsewhere. For example, YouTube may have a huge audience, but more niche platforms, such as Mixcloud and Picarto, still have strong core communities, which you won’t reach if you stream to YouTube alone. By multistreaming, you can make your stream content accessible to these communities, allowing you to reach new, untapped audiences and grow your viewership.

Find the most relevant audience for your video content

Different streaming platforms typically attract different audiences. For example, Twitch generally sees a lot of traffic from gamers or gaming enthusiasts, while LinkedIn caters to a more professional audience. That being said, if you are new to streaming, you might not be sure exactly what niche your content fits into. In this case, multistreaming can be a great way to find your audience. By streaming to multiple platforms at once, you can see where your content performs best, and then begin to target those platforms more directly.

Tap into existing followings on different platforms

Another benefit of multistreaming is that if you already have a lot of followers on a particular platform – for example, your Facebook page or YouTube channel – you don’t need to ask your audience to relocate to a different streaming platform to watch your content. This can be particularly effective when it comes to social media platforms, where you can reach followers who might not even regularly watch streamed content and turn them into viewers.

How do you set up multistreaming?

Before you can get started with streaming to multiple platforms at once, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. As the majority of multistreaming tools are designed to extend an existing stream to multiple platforms, you’ll still need to choose a base video platform to stream from. Then, you’ll need to select which of the myriad multistreaming tools available is the right fit for you. We’ve included our top 10 picks for the best multistreaming platforms later in this guide. Finally, you’ll need to connect the two together, either through an in-built integration between your multistreaming tool and chosen streaming platform or an RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) connection. We’ll take a quick look at each of these three steps now:

Choose an online video platform for your stream

The first thing you will need to do is to set up your stream on an online video platform. This is easier than it sounds – there are a huge number of streaming platforms available, and choosing one can be even trickier than selecting a multistreaming tool. A few things to look out for are:

  • Customization options – you want to make sure your stream fits with your personal or business brand
  • User-friendliness – your video platform should be straightforward to set up and use, with no restrictions on the type of content you can stream
  • Options for monetizing your stream, either through subscriptions or pay-per-view
  • Reasonable pricing
WpStream landing page

One solution that ticks all of these boxes is WpStream, a video streaming plugin for WordPress that allows you to broadcast, record, and monetize your stream content with ease. With WpStream, you can go live in minutes; you don’t need any specialist hardware or software to get started – all that is required is a WordPress site and the WpStream plugin. On top of that, the plugin comes packed with features that make it a clear choice for anybody looking for a streaming solution:

  • Full control over your stream content: When you use WpStream, you have complete control over the content you want to broadcast – you won’t be subjected to unwanted adverts or content censorship while streaming. As WpStream is a true white-label platform, you are free to customize your video feed exactly how you want. This is made even easier through straightforward integrations with some of the most popular streaming software, including OBS, Wirecast, and vMix.
  • Ease of use: The combination of WordPress and WpStream is very easy to set up and works with all modern browsers. You can broadcast from your computer, smartphone, or tablet and go live in less than 3 minutes. WpStream also integrates easily with widely used streaming software, including multistreaming tools – any RTMP-capable software will work.
  • Monetization options: WpStream allows you to easily set up subscription and pay-per-view monetization of your stream content through integrations with WooCommerce
  • Flexible pricing: WpStream has four different pricing tiers available, depending on the amount of streaming data, concurrent live channels, and recording storage you need. No features are gated behind more expensive pricing tiers. If you are having trouble picking a plan, WpStream also has a helpful online calculator to help you work out which pricing tier works best for you. Better yet, you aren’t tied into a rolling subscription; you can cancel at any time, making it the perfect solution for individuals or businesses who stream intermittently.
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WpStream puts you in full control of your live stream content. Better yet, it connects with all of the most popular multistreaming tools.
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Choose a multistreaming tool

The next step when preparing to multistream is to choose a tool that can help you stream to multiple platforms at once. 

We’ve listed our top ten choices of the best multistreaming tools available later in the article, but before we dive in, here are a few things you will need to consider when choosing a suitable multistreaming tool: 

  • Compatibility with your chosen video platform: Choosing a platform to host your stream can be challenging enough. Hence, you want to ensure that your multistreaming tool works seamlessly with your chosen one. If you’ve chosen to use WpStream to host your stream, this is unlikely to be a problem, as it is compatible with all RTMP-capable platforms.
  • Support for your target streaming platforms: Naturally, a multistreaming tool is no use if it won’t help you reach your target audience. So, for example, if you are looking to reach viewers on Facebook and YouTube, you’ll need to make sure that your multistreaming tool is compatible with these platforms.
  • Features and pricing: There is a wide range of multistreaming tools available, and they have varied feature sets and pricing. Some multistreaming tools are much simpler, providing only the base functionality to extend your stream to multiple platforms, whereas others offer features such as extensive customization options, cross-platform chat, and analytics, all of which will have an impact on the price. When choosing a multistreaming tool, you’ll need to decide which features you need, and how this aligns with your budget.

Connect your video platform to your multistreaming tool

Once you’ve chosen a streaming platform and a multistreaming tool, all that’s left to do before you get started is connect the two together. Exactly how you do this will depend on your choice of streaming platform and multistreaming tool.

Some multistreaming tools have in-built integrations with specific platforms, which makes connecting the two much more straightforward, as no manual configuration is required.  If you have chosen WpStream as your streaming platform, you’ll have an easy time connecting to most multistreaming tools using an RTMP connection.

The process of capturing footage for the purpose of multistreaming is much the same as for regular streaming; the only difference is that you will need to set up and configure your multistreaming tool before you go live, and ensure that you are set up to stream on all of the different streaming platforms that you want to target. If you want a clearer idea of how this works, WpStream has an in-depth guide that shows you how to set up multistreaming with Restream, one of our recommended multistreaming tools.

A graphic showing how multistreaming works.

Top 10 multistreaming platforms for live content

Below, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best multistreaming tools available. We will tell you a little bit about how they all work, some benefits and drawbacks to each solution, and how much they cost. 


Restream offers multistreaming access to more than 30 different social streaming platforms. Initially a gaming community tool, Restream has now turned into a complete ecosystem that supports creators to reach a wider audience by simulcasting their feeds to many platforms. You can stream directly from your browser or your chosen streaming software.


  • Scalable pricing plans, based on how many platforms you want to stream to and which features you require.
  • If you are using paid plans, you can customize your stream to include your logo and personal branding. 
  • Stream multiple channels to one site (for example, Facebook page, profile, and group) simultaneously.
  • Cross-platform analytics and chat support.


  • Limited video storage, even for more expensive plans. 
  • Priority support is only available for company plans.


  • Limited free plan available.
  • Paid plans start from $16/month.
Restream landing page


Streamlabs is a free, all-in-one live streaming service that includes multistreaming as part of its main package. With Streamlabs, you can stream simultaneously to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Trovo, and more. 


  • Access to all of Streamlabs’ existing tools and a robust suite of integrations to customize your real-time streaming experience.
  • Supports aggregated chat (this is a good idea if you hold webinars).
  • Stream directly from the Streamlabs desktop or your browser.


  • Smaller range of connected streaming platforms compared to competitors.


  • Streamlabs Prime (required for multistreaming) is available for $19/month.
Streamlabs landing page


Streamyard is a browser-based streaming studio that offers multistreaming as part of one of its paid plans. Streamyard’s multistreaming service directly integrates with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch, and you can stream to additional platforms via its custom RTMP feature.


  • Very straightforward and easy to use.
  • Stream from your browser or any third-party streaming app.
  • Customize your stream with banners, overlays, logos, and more branding options. 


  • If you want to stream to more than three multistream destinations, you will need to purchase a more expensive plan.


  • Paid plan required to multistream, starting from $20/month.
StreamYard landing page

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free, open-source software for video recording and live streaming. While it has limited native features, it is extendable through the use of community plugins, including the addition of multistreaming support.


  • Free, open-source software for recording and streaming.
  • Includes several built-in encoding tools.
  • Easy to customize with a bit of know-how.


  • Limited native features included with the tool – multistreaming support requires a plugin.


  • Free to use.
OBS studios

OneStream Live

OneStream Live is an excellent cloud-based live streaming solution. It lets you stream pre-recorded videos or stream in real-time to over 45+ social platforms and the web all at once. It offers different products to meet various streaming needs, such as Pre-recorded streaming, External RTMP Streaming, OneStream Live Studio, and Hosted Live Pages.

OneStream Live is known for its easy-to-use interface, ensuring a smooth experience for users. It effectively handles technical challenges, making the streaming process hassle-free. Additionally, it provides 24/7 customer support for any assistance you may require.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Round-the-clock live chat support to assist you.
  • Priced competitively to ensure it is affordable for everyone.
  • Personalize your live streams by incorporating logos, custom virtual backgrounds, captions, and other branding elements.
  • You can live stream your content on any social media platform of your choice using Custom RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol).
  • Monitor and reply to the chat from a single touchpoint.
  • Embed Live streams and the chat anywhere.


  • Limited resources like video storage, simultaneous destinations, bandwidth, and team members. Nevertheless, users can expand these capabilities by purchasing add-ons.


  • Limited Free Plan
  • The paid plan starts from $10/month

Switchboard Live

Switchboard Live is a powerful multistreaming platform that is entirely dedicated to streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously. Unlike many of the other platforms on this list, Switchboard Live supports streaming to unlimited destinations.


  • Stream to your audience through unlimited channels simultaneously.
  • Supports RTMP, RTMPS, and Custom RTMP destinations, allowing you to stream to almost any streaming platform. 
  • ‘Streamshare’ feature lets others share your stream with their audience, thereby increasing your viewers.
  • Embed a player directly on your website.


  • High price point compared to competing platforms.


  • Plans based on monthly streaming minutes, starting at $29/month for 1,500 minutes.
Switchboard live multistreaming service


Wirecast from Telestream is a powerful live streaming and video production software solution that offers multistream support. In addition, Wirecast supports powerful customizations that can help you create a more professional broadcasting experience for your audience.


  • Wide array of powerful features to create a more professional broadcasting experience.
  • Supports unlimited inputs and outputs.
  • Built-in encoding tools.
  • Available as a one-time purchase.


  • Significant investment required.


  • The ‘studio’ version of Wirecast is a one-time purchase at $599. The pro version is available for a one-time cost of $799, or monthly payments starting at $39/month if you lock into a full-year contract.
Wirecast landing page


Splitstream is a dedicated multistreaming service that promises to offer a cheaper multistreaming experience by cutting back on potentially unnecessary features. This makes it one of the simpler multistreaming platforms on this list and, as a result, it comes with a smaller price tag.


  • Includes a high number of destinations, even with the free plan.
  • No Splitstream branding is incorporated into your stream.
  • Channel doubling (streaming to multiple channels on the same platform) is available.


  • Pro plan required to access premium support.
  • No customization options.


  • Free plan available; paid plans start from $9.99/month.
Splitstream landing page


Castr offers both an all-in-one streaming service and dedicated plans just for multistreaming. All of them support casting to custom RTMPs and promise simultaneous casting to 30+ destinations.


  • Stream to 30+ destinations at once.
  • All plans offer 24/7 support and have no Castr branding.
  • Supports casting to multiple Facebook pages, groups, or profiles all at once.


  • You will need to purchase more expensive all-in-one plans to unlock customization or analytics.


  • Multistreaming plans start from $14.99/month, with all-in-one plans starting from $50/month. Cost reductions are available if you lock into a one-year contract.
Castr landing page


Boxcast works effectively as both a streaming platform and a multistreaming tool, boasting a comprehensive feature set in all available paid plans. Boxcast offers both software and hardware solutions – you can stream directly from your iOS device, from Boxcast’s own hardware encoders, or via RTMP using the encoder of your choice.


  • Vast feature set including interactive chat, analytics, and full HD streaming. 
  • In-built monetization options.
  • Many automated and scheduled streaming options available.


  • High price point.
  • White-labeled embedding and other customization options unavailable in the less expensive plans.


  • Plans start from $99/month. A limited free version is available, but this only allows up to 4 hours of streaming per month.
Boxcast live streaming hardware

Extend your stream audience through multistreaming

Multistreaming offers several benefits for video content creators. By allowing you to stream to multiple platforms at once, multistreaming both opens your stream up to previously untapped audiences and gives you the chance to reach your existing followers across different platforms. Whether you are new to streaming, or simply looking to broaden your horizons, multistreaming allows you to test out your stream on different audiences and find which platforms best suit your content.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best multistreaming tools on the market in this article, which should set you up to find a solution that works for you – all of these tools have varying feature sets and pricing, so which option is best will depend on your personal or business requirements. Just remember to check that your chosen multistreaming tool is compatible with your preferred streaming platform and any platforms you want to target! 

When it comes to choosing a streaming platform, WpStream offers a comprehensive solution that will work well with any of the multistreaming tools on this list. Using the WpStream plugin on your WordPress site, you can start streaming in minutes, and you’ll also get access to a wealth of other benefits:

  • Total control over your stream content, with no risk of censorship or annoying ads.
  • A true white-label streaming service, allowing you to add branding to your stream as you wish.
  • Easy-to-add monetization options through integration with WooCommerce.
  • Compatability with popular streaming software and multistreaming platforms.

WpStream offers various flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of any streamer – check out the pricing calculator to see which plan works best for you. Or better yet, see what WpStream has to offer with a free trial.

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