WpStream Experience at WordCamp Europe 2024


Turin, Italy

WordCamp Europe 2024, held in the vibrant city of Turin, Italy, was a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and community spirit.

Among the many highlights of the event, our team’s presence left a significant impact through our dynamic engagement and contributions to the WordPress ecosystem.

Engaging Sessions and Workshops

  1. Insightful Presentations: WpStream’s team participated in several sessions that focused on the evolving landscape of WordPress, emerging trends in the industry, and interesting insights into what WordPress users are looking for in 2024. These sessions attracted a diverse audience, from beginners to seasoned developers and marketers that sparked meaningful discussions.
  2. Collaborative Workshops: Our team joined workshops that further emphasized and improved their skills. These workshops provided attendees with practical skills and knowledge, ensuring they could confidently implement the latest WordPress trends and features into future improvements to the WpStream Plugin

Networking and Community Involvement

  1. One-on-One Interactions: WPStream’s team made the most of WordCamp Europe’s informal networking opportunities. They engaged with attendees in hallways, coffee breaks, and during various social events, sharing their expertise and gathering valuable feedback. These interactions allowed for deep, personalized conversations that often proved more impactful than formal booth engagements.
  2. Panel Discussions and Q&A Sessions: Our team were active participants in panel discussions, providing insights into the future of live streaming and its integration with WordPress. Their contributions to Q&A sessions were particularly appreciated, as they offered solutions to real-world problems faced by the community.

Key Highlights

  1. Product Updates and Announcements: WpStream took the opportunity to premier our Free WpStream Video Streaming theme at WordCamp Europe. These updates were well-received and generated excitement among attendees.
  2. Success Stories and Case Studies: Throughout the event, WpStream shared inspiring success stories and case studies of users who have effectively utilized their platform. These narratives highlighted the transformative potential of live streaming for businesses and content creators, providing concrete examples of success.
  3. Future Directions and Innovations: WpStream also provided a glimpse into our plans, discussing upcoming innovations regarding the WpStream theme and how we aim to continue revolutionizing live streaming within the WordPress ecosystem. Our forward-thinking approach resonated with attendees, who are always eager for the next big thing in tech.


As an extra fun treat, our team visited the National Auto Museum, Turin. We found the profound influence of automobiles on society, including changes in urban planning, culture, and economic development a unanimous winner.

The museum’s multimedia installations provided an immersive experience, allowing us to delve deeper into the history and technology of the vehicles on display.


While we did not have a physical booth at WordCamp Europe 2024, our impactful presence was felt throughout the event. Through engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and active community involvement, our team showcased their expertise and commitment to the WordPress community.

The event not only highlighted WpStream’s current offerings but also set the stage for future innovations in live-streaming technology.

Stay tuned for more updates from WpStream as we continue to lead the way in enhancing live-streaming experiences on WordPress websites.

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Beatrice Tabultoc

Beatrice is the digital marketing go-to at WpStream. She manages all things social media, content creation, and copywriting.

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