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WpStream 1.1.1 Release

We're proud to have released the first version of our WpStream Theme. It provides a free turn key solution for streaming events and video rentals.

As this is just out the door, various issues are inherent. Please report these via our support forum and we will do our best to address them asap.

WpStream Theme comes with two demos

Two Ready To Use Demos

build your business

What You Can Do With the WpStream Theme

Rent Videos
Rent Videos one by one as pay-per-view. Each video has its own price and users will have to pay a nominal fee to rent it. Once rented, they can see it as many times as they like.
Create a website like Netflix, Hbo Go, Amazon Prime Video
With the WpStream Theme and Woocomerce subscriptions plugin, you can build your own Netflix-like website. Upload movies on your website and charge users a monthly fee for access to all titles.
Pay-per-View Live Streaming
You can broadcast live events on your website and charge users for individual events.
Monthly subscriptions to live streams
You can set up 24/7 or repeating live events (i.e every Sunday) and charge users a monthly subscription for watching - requires the WooComerce Subscription plugin
theme features

WpStream Theme Features

Publish Free Videos

You can publish free-for-all videos on your website. You can use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, local server, or 3rd party.

Pay-per-view Mode

You can publish paid-for videos and live streaming events. Charge users a fee for seeing your content, all driven by industry leading WooCommerce.

Subscription Based Mode

Charge users a monthly fee for watching videos or live events, via the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

Netflix like..

Populate your website with content and charge a monthly fee for all the titles, be it videos or live events.

Several Header Options

Make your header transparent, change menu and logo position or make it "wide".

Custom Logo

Upload your own logo or favicon.

Media Headers

Use an image, theme slider, video or Revolution Slider as media headers. They can be set as global option or as per page option.

10+ Custom Shortcodes

The theme comes with 10+ shortocodes/ visual composer elements so you can easily design new pages.

Custom Colors

Change theme colors with color picker tools. There are 20+ options that let you design an unique website.

Footer Controls

You can change the numbers of columns in footer, change colors used for background or fonts and control the copyright area.

Theme Cache

Use Theme Cache when your website is in production and decrease the website loading time.

Custom Theme Slider

WpStream comes with a unique theme slider that can be used in header area. You can pick the videos and events that appear on that slider from theme admin area.

…and many other things