Video Streaming for WordPress

Broadcast, record, and monetize with ease!


Make it public for everyone to see Or keep it private for members only or password protected


Charge for every video event or channel individually With WooCommerce seamless setup


Recurring Payments per item, category, or full access
With WooCommerce Subscriptions charge every week, month, or year

Trusted by industry pioneers

Go live in minutes from any browser

No app downloads

Broadcast from smartphone camera, computer camera, tablet camera


Go studio-grade
with ease

Live stream from computers,Tablets, Encoders, Mobile, GoPro etc Works with OBS, Wirecast, vMix, StreamLabs, LiveU, and many more…

Record for on‑demand playback

Keep viewers entertained in the loop, and coming back

Monetize to those who missed itand secure your passive income

Compatible with most industry standard apps and tools

True white label platform

No WpStream branding

Freedom of speech
We will not censor, take down, mute, or otherwise interfere. Ever.

Retain full rights to your content
Live and recorded video, remains yours. Forever.

Broadcast Reliably

Our network extends to 6 continents. Wherever you’re broadcasting from we have a high-speed server nearby

Store Durably

Comply with data protection regulations. Choose to store sensitive video in US, Europe, or elsewhere

Deliver Globally

WpStream’s state of the art multi‑CDN solution delivers content anywhere. In a beat.

Success stories are the best stories

Fast Support

I had a pre sales question that was answered almost immediately. I am about to buy the pro version because their…

Great plugin and great support

Started using this plugin a few days back and I am in love with it. I like the features it supports. Especially because I use OBS..

Amazing plugin

It’s an amazing, effective and easy to use plugin for wordpress. It has been incredibly useful for our company, a real game-changer!….

Church Streaming

WOW! What an amazing plugin and service. We could not run our live streaming now without this interface, we reach 1000’s more…

Excelent Brand

I run pay wall live streams on who I use WPstream for. I contacted them to introduce…

Too Good to be true

We were looking to avoid all major streaming platforms because our content is religious and we didn’t want to deal with censorship. What a wonderful surprise…

Secure your content

Your content is protected against illicit viewing, copying, and distributing 

Encryption, CORS, DRM, and Access Control work hand in hand to keep your video safe

Endless extension opportunities

Autopilot, Multistreaming, Live Interviews, Broadcast Zoom Meetings, Playlists, Membership Areas, and more

Our Blog

Hosting a successful virtual event in 2023 can be a great way to widen your event’s reach and generate leads.

Live streaming events has become a popular and effective way to engage with a wider audience and interact with people in real-time.

This article will cover the main benefits of live-streaming church services and go through the best equipment, tools, and platforms you can use to do it.

In this article, we will go through the best free streaming platforms for 2023.

Are you thinking of live streaming conferences or events for your business? 

Facebook and YouTube both offer great functionality for streaming content, but which is superior? 

Want to broadcast a webinar on your WordPress site, but don’t know where to start? 

Looking to stream your content to multiple platforms? Multistreaming is the solution, and here’s how to get started.

Want to start streaming your content but don’t know where to start? These are our top 10 picks for live streaming platforms in 2022.

Free Trial account

The free account offers you enough resources to test your setup and publish a few short-lived channels and/or videos.
A credit card is not required to enjoy your free trial!

up to 5.5 GB streaming data – 0.5GB upfront and 5GB more after confirming your email address

100 MB recording storage

The free trial lets you create unlimited channels, unlimited recorded videos, and broadcast your content to 
unlimitedWithin the bounds of the allocated resources

Need more? Tweet (@streaming4wp), share (@wpstreamsoftware), review us (, and blog about us. You will receive up to 100 GB streaming bandwidth and up to 5GB storage. All on us!